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“The second degree failed and I regret it”

Nadia (assumed name), a resident of the Outremeuse district in Liège, was the victim of a hoax in rather bad taste on the part of François Pirette. While she was looking for her cat (the search notice HERE) lost for several days, she received a call, Thursday evening, from a lady saying that she had found Igor, her animal.

It was actually nothing. It was in fact François Pirette, then performing that evening in a neighborhood hall, who targeted the young woman with a telephone prank in the middle of a performance in order to bring Nadia on stage.

We contacted François Pirette who explains exactly his intention. “The second degree failed,” he tells us. “And I regret it.”

►► Here are all the explanations of François Pirette

►► Nadia felt “humiliated”: she explains to us HERE everything that happened

This Saturday March 26, Miss Belgium 2022 was crowned among the 30 finalists. The election took place at the Plopsa Theater in De Panne and, for the first time, you were able to follow it live on video and exclusively on Sudinfo!

It was finally Chayenne van Aarle, 22, from Antwerp, who was elected.

Relive the full show on video

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