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The Second Festival of Traditional Medicine is announced

Zamora, Michoacán.- (OEM- Infomex) .- Derived from the good response of the population, this Saturday the second edition of the Festival of Traditional Medicine in Zamora will be held, as announced by the organizers of this event that will take place in the main square where they will expose traditional medicine as an alternative to solve various ailments.

The coordinator of traditional doctors in this region, Paola Villamar González highlighted that traditional medicine is now becoming more important because more and more people are adding who trust these methods to treat common illnesses; around twenty traditional doctors will be attending to the various problems presented by the patients who come to this festival.

At 10:00 am this Saturday, the event will begin with various activities that will be in force until March 15, these two days await the attendance of visitors from the region who will be professionally attended, according to said.

Doctors from Zamora, Cherán, Uruapan, Tacuro, Paracho and from other states such as Querétaro and Guanajuato will be part of the team that will be coordinated by Paola Villamar, who stressed that these ancient methods are very useful, despite the fact that many do not trust them. results are proven and it will always be essential to put traditional medicine first, because among the benefits it offers the patient is the low cost, in addition to being one hundred percent natural

Traditional medicine is recognized today as a fundamental resource for the health of thousands of people, it is an important part of the worldview of indigenous peoples and represents the ancient knowledge about mother earth and the use of medicinal plants that indigenous people have safeguarded and which is invaluable, thus strengthening its identity, said the coordinator of traditional doctors.

As part of this festival, various herbal medicinal products will be offered, as well as workshops and conferences focused on families in general so that they know more about these ways of healing, on average, about forty workshops will be offering , all focused on going deeper into the subject.


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