The secret of Sardinian centenarians


Blue zones, the secrets of longevity: Destination Italy

Tuesday, July 16th, at 8:50 pm on France 5

Inaugurated last week in Costa Rica, the documentary series of Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, icon of the healthy food, and Vincent Valinducq, doctor, continues Tuesday, July 16 under the blue sky of Sardinia.

At the origin of this intercontinental study, this question: why in some parts of the world is there a record rate of nonagenarians and centenarians in excellent health? This summer, the two dashing thirty will meet the inhabitants of these funny places, the "blue zones", in four numbers full of joie de vivre.

Why does France have so many centenarians?

We have fun with the disappointments of our two health experts: when 90-year-old Antonia, savoring her own sin, grilled pork rind, confesses to having eaten every day of her long life, the naturopath and doctor in would fall from their chair! They will have to think outside the box to uncover the mystery of this Sardinian microcosm, the first blue zone identified in 2000 …

Seniors at the heart of local life

The splendor of the mountains of Sardinia, the light bathing these villages of the maquis and the brilliant smile of their inhabitants give beautiful images that we look with pleasure. At the height of chic, the narration is ensured by the playful voice of the singer Juliette Armanet … The documentary does not lack any substance: even if the secrets of the longevity stated sometimes break open doors, it is always in the good mood to remember for example, being surrounded by a family or loving friends plays in the secrets of longevity.

We can also salute the simple fact of thus honoring our elders on television: in the Sardinian village of Seulo, they are at the heart of local life, and the town hall even displays their photos in large format on the facades of the houses. What give ideas to other towns, under the sun or not …


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