the secret of the clarines of Haut-Doubs


In Remoray-Boujeons (Doubs), in the green pastures, the Montbéliard cows wear their accessory neck: flashing bells and sound that shape the landscape. The Montbéliardes' milk is used for the production of the county and the morbier and when we hear their clarine we know they are grazing. In Arc-et-Senans (Doubs), the bells have almost their museum. Gilbert Painblanc collects them, he owns nearly 400.

All these bells are part of the folklore of the Jura mountains, Swiss and French. The most precious, the all bronze clarinet, have a unique sound that must flatter the ear. "The peasant looks for bells of different sounds so that his flock sounds harmoniously"explains the collector. The bells have always been melted in a traditional way. A job as an alchemist who has not changed much, as in Labergement-Sainte-Marie (Doubs) where Gilles Godin, founder, marry copper and tin. The Obertino family came from Italian Piedmont in 1834, perpetuating a know-how in disappearance. Today in France, there are only two traditional foundries that make this tradition live.

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