The self-consumer will charge 50% less for the light that sells than for the one that consumes

Red Eléctrica de España (REE), as operator of the national electricity system, has started on the web site of the system operator "eSios" the daily publication of the price per megawatt hour (MWh) which will compensate the self-consumers that pour into the network the surplus energy and that will be, depending on each hour, between 40 and 50% cheaper than the pvpc rate.

The user with self-consumption must have a regulated tariff contract or voluntary price for the small consumer (pvpc) with a reference marketer and be subject to the simplified compensation mechanism for which he is rewarded with a reduction of his electricity bill to the self-consumer that integrates its generated energy and not consumed in the network.

This price, which will compensate the self-consumers, is the result of subtracting from the hourly average price (based on the result of the daily and intraday market for each hour of the day) the cost of the deviations. Access tolls are not taken into account for the calculation of this value, according to REE. In this way, self-consumers who pour surplus renewable generation into the network, will get a reduction on their electricity bill.

In the monthly invoice of each consumer will appear the hours in which he has consumed electricity from the marketer and its amount according to the pvpc rate. Also, the hours in which you have discharged excess energy to the network. The second amount will be subtracted from the first and that will be the amount of the invoice, to which the 21% VAT will be applied.

From REE highlight that it is one of the measures approved by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition that aims to boost the technologies of self-consumption and distributed generation of renewable origin, reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere associated with the generation of electricity and serve as a tool to meet the challenges of decarbonization and the fight against climate change. . (tagsToTranslate) publishes (t) price (t) self-consumption

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