The series of his son, As Safir, episode 10 Sefirin Kızı, on the website Ashg Online and the frequency of the STAR TV channel

In the recent period, with the proliferation of many soap operas, where everyone loves to follow some series to break the boredom and routine, Turkish soap operas have spread in a very big way and have become very popular with viewers and unusual love especially among girls and teenagers, because most Turkish series are romantic series and the popularity of these series is not in Turkey only, but in all Arab countries, and therefore these series have been translated into Arabic through writing or dubbing, and we will talk about one of the famous and highly successful Turkish series in Arab countries and around the world, which is the series of his son Al-Safir, which is one of the series T. Turkish romantic dramas that contains a love story series also addresses some of the issues of diplomacy and the series starring engin akyürek and Neslihan Otagol has been the series exclusively at the beginning of the month of December 2017.

The series, The Son of the Ambassador, was shown on the Love Story website

Today, we will present to you the dates of the series of his son Al-Safir series, and the series will now show the new episode. The recent period in Internet search engines in many Arab countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and countries in the world in general, the series has achieved a lot of revenue and success and obtained the highest viewing rates.

His son, Ambassador, episode 10
His son, Ambassador, episode 10

The frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel

The Turkish series, The Daughter of the Ambassador, is shown on Mondays every week on some channels, including Star TV, On Turkish Channel, ITV, and it is shown at nine in the Turkish language on Turkish channels and at eight o’clock according to the timing of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the series of the daughter of the Ambassador is the legendary love story Through the Star TV channel

  • The frequency of the Star TV channel on the Nilesat satellite is 10922, and the vertical polarization coding factor is 27500
  • The frequency on the Turksat satellite 12209 and the vertical polarity coding rate 3000
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Also, the series is exposed on some websites such as, and Ashk site.

There are also other sites that provide the episodes of the series The Son of the Ambassador, and episode 10 is the next and expected episode of the public, such as Al-Nahda News. It also shows the series of the series without advertising breaks.

The story of the series, Son of the Ambassador

We have reached episode No. 10 in the series and from here we can know what is the story around the series and what are the events of the series in principle, where the events of the series revolve around a girl who is the daughter of the ambassador and he is a romantic series, and his son the ambassador, who is from a large family may fall in love Poor young man.

Heroes of the series, Son of the Ambassador

  • The heroine of the series is Neslihan Atagul, who is a Turkish actress, born on August 20, 1992. She is from the father of Russian Bella and any Circassian, and is famous for her dramas in many Turkish series.
  • And starring Turkish actor Engin Akyurek, who is an actor and writer who was born October 12, 1981 in the city of Ankara, and he is one of the most famous stars of Turkey, and he has won many awards, including three awards for series.

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