The situation on the energy market is serious. Suppliers stop recruiting customers

The situation on the Czech energy market is worsening. Some suppliers have announced that they will not enter into new contracts. Others change fixed prices.

“To date, two major suppliers have stopped selling electricity and gas to new customers, E.ON and MND announced afterwards. , “one of the readers told the editorial office on Thursday.

This information was also confirmed by a message on the MND website. “Dear customers, in order to ensure the most advantageous supply of gas and electricity to existing customers, we have decided to suspend the conclusion of new contracts and activation of price lists with a fixed price. The situation is unpleasant, but we believe that the turbulent market situation will pass we will be able to restore it in full again, “the statement said.

E.ON confirmed for that it is not able to process all requests for the transition. “Although our customer line is currently working at full capacity, it is very overloaded and we are not enough to handle client requests – this applies to both existing and potential ones. We are currently contacting new clients so that we can get back to them. we are responding gradually, because we are really overwhelmed by customer requirements, it now takes longer than usual, we have fun in a few working days, “said Zdeněk Pošvář, head of the Customer Service Center at E.ON.

A similar announcement as at MND appeared at the Fonergy supplier. “Due to the current situation on the electricity and gas market and the great interest of customers, we have temporarily stopped the registration of new contracts and the processing of price offers. Thank you for your understanding,” said the supplier.

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Innogy also saw excessive interest in switching to other suppliers. “Desperate and frustrated customers of competing companies are calling us, saying that the supplier has terminated their fixed price contract or sent an amendment with a huge price increase and they want to quickly conclude a new energy contract at Innoga. Acquisitions of new customers are skyrocketing, last week it is “We expect great interest in the transfer of energy to Innogy,” said David Konvalina, director of retail and marketing.

According to Innoga, the first suppliers did not manage the market situation and ceased operations. Others are raising fixed energy prices. One of them is Bohemia Energy, you can read more information here at Bohemia Energy has been raising fixed electricity prices since the beginning of November. For some customers, this means an increase in costs by tens to hundreds of percent, as they confided in the newsroom.

Call centers and branches of energy suppliers are crowded with people dealing with the transition or making sure their electricity and gas prices remain the same. Watch the TV Nova report:


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