August 14, 2019

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The six news you should know today, Wednesday August 14

(If you missed the six essential news of yesterday, you can read them by clicking on this link)

1. The PP registers the “Catalonia Sum” brand before a possible coalition with Cs. The success of the "Navarra Suma" electoral platform, which brought together UPN, Popular Party and Citizens in the Foral Community and was the most voted at the polls, has encouraged the popular to consider a similar formula in Catalonia. The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has promoted the registration of the «Catalonia Sum» brand, as a forecast before a possible electoral alliance in the future, as advanced «Digital Economy» yesterday and sources from Genoa confirmed to ABC. For now, the popular are running into the frontal rejection of the party of Albert Rivera to even talk about future electoral coalitions, beyond the Navarre formula. Specifically, in Catalonia Citizens was the most voted party in the last regional, while the PP is still in free fall, and Rivera prefer to maintain their own profile. In Genoa they argue that the center-right could only come to power if it is presented together, in the whole of Spain and in many communities, where the division punishes them in a special way.

2. The other business of surrogacy: 6,000 euros to advise. Surrogacy agencies remain in the spotlight. The Government of Sanchez has warned on several occasions, the last one this week, that he is going to "pursue them" by considering that "they profit from this illegal activity that they carry out in third countries." But those who closely know the processes of surrogacy are insisting on the importance of differentiating some companies from others: while some have demonstrable experience and transparency is one of their maxims, in others, the practices that are carried out may not be The expected. Despite being a "lawful" activity, says Marcos Jornet, spokesman for Son Nuestro Hijo, the main association of surrogacy families in Spain, because "no rule prohibits advice on a practice that is legal abroad," acknowledges the importance of knowing how to differentiate some agencies from others: «Not all of them have an ethical activity, in our opinion».

3. Switzerland detects an account of Jordi Pujol junior who came to have 18 million. Switzerland has informed the National Court that it has detected two new accounts linked to the Pujol Ferrusola family, investigated for the suspicious origin of their fortune. In a car dated August 12, which ABC has accessed, Judge José de la Mata takes advantage of the data arrived from Switzerland to now request more information from Luxembourg, with the intention of following the money trail. In one of these two accounts, the number 72047 of the JP Morgan entity, 17.93 million euros were accumulated at the most favorable moment, registered in March 2004. The magistrate – who investigates the whole family – considers that The beneficiary of these funds was Jordi Pujol Ferrusola, the eldest son of the former Catalan president and principal investigator in the case.

4. Trade war and Brexit turn off the engines of the German economy. The German economy sees its two major pillars wobble, industrial production and exports. Today we will know the GDP data for the second quarter of the year and it will be negative. As an advance, the German investor confidence (ZEW) indicator, published yesterday, plummeted to its lowest level since December 2011, due to respondents to the worsening prospects, international trade disputes and greater chances of a Brexit without agreement than the US administration support more or less openly. The German DAX touched its session low following the publication of the bad omen for an economy that the Berlin government, after repeated cuts, does not expect to grow but a mere 0.5% in this year's set. "Most likely, this will be an additional burden for the development of German exports and industrial production," ZEW President Achim Wambach said yesterday, presenting the result of the survey and stressing that it points to a significant deterioration in The perspectives.

5. The RTS, S vaccine could favor the acquisition of natural immunity against malaria. The RTS, S malaria vaccine could improve the production of protective antibodies in case of a subsequent parasitic infection, according to a study led by the Institute of Global Health of Barcelona (ISGlobal), an institution backed by "la Caixa". The results, published in BMC Medicine, identify the antigens (or protein fragments) that could be included in future, more effective multivalent vaccines. In this study, the authors investigated how vaccination affects the natural immunity to the parasite in a subsequent exposure. "To date, most studies had focused on evaluating specific vaccine responses, but not responses to other parasite antigens," explains Gemma Moncunill, the study's last author. The RTS, S vaccine contains a single parasite antigen: a fragment of the CSP protein.

6. Weather on the August bridge: heat and clear skies in almost all of Spain. From this Wednesday afternoon until Sunday, good weather is expected to prevail throughout Spain, with exceptions in some areas of the northern peninsula. For Wednesday, the day when the departure operation begins on the occasion of the bridge, clear skies are expected in most of the country. The exception will be in the northwest coast, where there is a high probability of rain, which is expected to extend to the Cantabrian. Weak showers are also expected in northeastern Catalonia and cloudy skies in the northern Canary Islands and areas of the Strait. On Thursday, August 15, the day that the feast of the Virgin of the Assumption is celebrated, the cloudy skies will remain in the Cantabrian area, with a chance of weak rains. . (tagsToTranslate) six (t) news