August 1, 2019

Newsy Today

The socialist Mara Chivite does not exceed the first vote for her investiture in Navarra

The spokeswoman for the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies, Cayetana lvarez de Toledo, and the president of the PPN,Ana Beltrn, have criticized this Thursday the "betrayal" that involves the investiture of Mara Chivite because the socialist being president "thanks to the support of Bildu-Batasuna".

Thepopularhave appeared before the media just before the start of the investiture session this morning.

According to Alvarez de Toledo, Pedro Snchez "came to power with the abstention of Bildu" and this Thursday Mara Chivite "consummate that betrayal."

"The important novelty, now that there is much talk about public tributes to the world of ETA, is this public tribute that today is paid here to that world of ETA," he said, after stressing that "with this investiture, Mr. Snchez annexes Navarra to indignity. "

In this regard, he has lamented that "the entire political project of Pedro Snchez is based on the abstention of Bildu-Batasuna, a party whose maximum leader says that there is a right to cause pain."

Especially, he wanted to honor "the nine socialists killed by the terrorist band," whose names he has quoted before the media.

For his part, Beltrn has denounced that, despite the electoral result obtained last May, both Pedro Snchez and Mara Chivite "are going to give oxygen" to Basque nationalism "so that they can continue to govern again."

"Today we are going to live here in Navarra the betrayal of the PSOE to both Navarra and Spain, a betrayal that will be consummated because Chivite is going to be the president thanks to the support of Bildu-Batasuna," he said.

A party that, in his opinion, "wants to achieve the annexation of Navarra toBasque Country, to take out the National Police and Civil Guard of Navarra, the imposition of the Basque language and the ikurria ". |EFE