The son of Senchukova and Rybin with an ax captivated fans

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19:40, May 10, 2020


The son of 49-year-old Natalya Senchukova and 57-year-old Viktor Rybin grew up a brutal handsome man.

Pictures of 21-year-old Vasily invariably find a lively response among his fans, writes Cosmopolitan.

The young man is compared with the main macho of Hollywood. The heir to the star couple pleased the subscribers with a new picture, in which he appeared with an ax in his hand. The image of a young man turned out to be very courageous.

Basil is halfway to the camera, his well-developed musculature is immediately evident. Long hair in combination with such a strong physique often cause comparisons with the Vikings.

Fans expressed admiration for the young man. “My God, how beautiful! You can be stunned”, “What a handsome man!”, “Beauty, don’t drop your ax on your leg”, “It’s obvious that he was born out of great love! And the mind is present,” the followers wrote on Instagram.

The young man wants to follow in the footsteps of his parents. He sings in the KODI group, learns to direct theater performances and works as a model. Basil regularly plays sports in order to maintain a figure.


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