The sound of the day # 373: seeing as Loud & Proud


Thanks to some recent semantic shifts, the English adjective loud can now as much mean "noisy" as "seeing". A sign of heaven for Loud & Proud, a proud Parisian festival of queer cultures that hears as much assail us the senses of very audacious music in all the fields (indie rock, noise, house, rap, pop) that to make visible the members of the community who create them.

Let's wish then with Benoît Rousseau (Artistic Director of La Gaîté lyrique), Anne Pauly (who is releasing his first novel at the beginning of the school year at Verdier, but that's another story), the curator Alexandre Gaulmin and Fany Corral (formerly laying of the Pulp and from Kill the DJ) this third edition, which will take place from July 4th to 7th, is as spectacular and deafening as possible.

On paper, in any case, we can only see bright colors and excess: the virtuoso rapper Lala & Ce, the brutal electronics technician Fatima Al Qadiri (who has just signed the soundtrack ofAtlantic of Mati Diop), the explosive Lotic, the exploded Angel-Ho, the "Beatz producer ballroom" Vjuan Allure, veteran Robert Owens, Chicago house diva who has sprayed crystal glass ceilings with his voice for over three decades. Regardless of what direction it takes, the Loud & Proud selection, enriched in addition to copious programs of meetings and projections, is one of the most inflated and adventurous of the place of Paris, all categories.

The playlist below is proposed by the four programmers, we thank them and we invite you to think about doing the same late in the evening when you find yourself sticky with sweat and sated with strong emotions that you did not have a second expected to feel.

Loud & Proud, 3e edition. From July 4 to 7, 2019 at the Gaîté Lyrique (Paris IIIe).

Olivier Lamm

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