August 23, 2019

Newsy Today

The Spaniards Pedrero and Grana hang the gold in C2 200

The Spaniards Alberto Pedrero and Pablo Grana proclaimed themselves new world champions of the C2 200 category, by prevailing this Friday in the final of the World Canoeing Championships in the Hungarian city of Szeged to the Polish, silver, and Uzbek vessels, bronze.

Pedrero and Grana, who spent a time of 36.06 seconds to complete the test, surpassed in 12 hundredths the Poles Michal Lubniewski and Arsen Sliwinski, seconds with a chrono of 36.18, and in 36 hundredths the Uzbeks Artur Guliev and Elyorjon Mamadaliev, third .

A metal that seemed to enliven the ambitions of the Spanish team, which minutes later added its second medal in the competition, thanks to the bronze won by Sete Benavides and Antoni Segura in the C2 500 category.

Benavides and Segura, who in the middle of the race took second place, only surpassed by the Chinese Quiang Li and Song Xing, who eventually hung up the gold medal, could not resist the final momentum of the Hungarian C2, made up of Jonathan Hajdu and Adam Fekete, who finally snatched their money for 56 cents. .