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The Spanish company Renfe will operate the first American TGV line

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Renfe, the Spanish railway company, announces a six billion dollar contract with the company Texas Central to launch the first TGV in the United States. The contract has been subject to a “pre-agreement”, but it is still “in the drafting phase,” said Renfe. The line should rellier Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes.

The Americans will soon have their first high-speed lines. Texas Central has just signed with Spanish railway company Renfe to create these TGV lines in the United States. The Spanish public operator, Renfe was in competition with the SNCF and the Italian Trenitalia and will be responsible until 2042 for the operation of the network and the maintenance of the line which will connect Houston to Dallas.

As for the construction of the line, 386 km long, it was entrusted to the Italian company Salvini. Delivery is expected by 2026. Traffic in the first year of operation is estimated at nearly five million travelers. High-speed train projects are struggling to materialize in the United States, where the car is king and the automotive and oil lobbies very powerful. A project to cross California from north to south was abandoned in 2019.

A global player in the rail sector

Renfe is today a global player in the rail sector. He already has to his credit construction and start-up of the pilgrims’ TGV between Mecca and Medina. Renfe is also competing to launch future TGV lines in Latin America. The Spanish rail group is also very active in Europe, where it is the leading operator in the management of the high-speed train network.

With the opening up of rail to competition in France, the Spanish company has already positioned itself on the market for high-speed lines in France. Initially, Renfe is targeting a Lyon-Marseille line.


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