The Spanish "millennials", the most savers of Europe only behind the British


Around the so-called "millennials", people born between the 80s-90s until 2000, there is a widespread belief that they are capricious and do not think about their economic future. However, the last report made by the Revolut fintech dismantles this myth.

The study of the British company, «Millennial Savings Report 2019», reveals that 61% of young people in Spain
 (64% in the whole of Europe) enjoys a monthly savings plan and, in addition, 80% of them are worried about their financial future. 6 out of 10 Spanish young adults save money regularly, with an average monthly savings of 188.77 euros.

This figure places the Spanish "millennials" as one of the most savers within Europe, just behind the British, who lead the list with an average monthly savings of 199.48 euros. Spain occupies, therefore, the second position and exceeds countries such as Germany (172.74 euros), France (163.87) or Ireland (118.32). At the tail are the Czech Republic, with an average savings of 107.10 euros per month and Poland, which barely exceeds 100 euros (101.87).

Within the national territory, Madrid -with 153.29 euros on average- is below other European capitals such as Berlin (296.66, London (294.15), Rome (201.27) or Paris (198.34). Barcelona is the city that saves the most per month and Alicante the least.

Revolut's report has been based on the company's data analytics combined with a survey on economic satisfaction and sentiment about the financial future. The results obtained also reflect that one of the main financial concerns of the "millennials" is the purchase of housing: 51% consider it an "unattainable property" for which they believe they need financial assistance.

On the opposite side is the investment of money saved in stocks or investment funds quoted, options that do not convince young people in Spain, since they prefer to deposit their money in savings accounts. . (tagsToTranslate) millennials (t) Spanish (t) saving


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