August 10, 2019

Newsy Today

The staff of Liberbank Gijn takes a break at the Fair

The staff of Liberbank Gijón yesterday combined their training day with a visit to the International Trade Fair of Asturias in which he met the pavilions of one of his sponsors.

The team already has 18 training sessions at a high level that are leaving coach Diego Lafuente very satisfied, who highlights not only the technical level of the newcomers but especially the desire and involvement that they are all putting to adapt as soon as possible to The usual game schemes. Yesterday's will not be the only visit of the team to the fairgrounds since another one is planned for the 17th day coinciding with the friendly match against Porriño.

This will not be the first friendly of those programmed by the team before starting the League since the Gijones will be measured at Oviedo Handball, one of the strongest teams in the Silver Honor Division, a day before. It will be time to start seeing the facts of the new team that has been formed and with which it is hoped to continue fighting for high positions.