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It’s not just inflation that puts the economy on the ropes. The stocks on the dollar as well. Difficulties in accessing foreign exchange – in a global world in which nothing can be produced regardless of inputs, parts, technology – increasingly hinder more and more activities.

For example, Fate, the largest tire manufacturer in the country, advised its customers, by letter, that it anticipated complications to sell them tires for cars and machinery because it could not access dollars to import supplies.

They say that the CEO of Fate and Aluar, Javier Madanes, a fish of industrial protectionism, what he did was heal himself in health. On October 31, the last circular from the Central Bank that closed the stocks to the extreme expires. And as things have gotten worse, everyone expects the restrictions to be even worse on November 1. Then Madanes sent the note as a form of pressure. On Wednesday he was one of the businessmen who met with the President. And on Thursday, Fate clarified that her problems had been misinterpreted. Everything indicates that the dollars appeared.

The point is that the exception to a company cannot be generalized. If not, the stocks disappear. DHM, a Bell Ville company that builds and sells tractors and supplies their spare parts, cannot be helped and stops selling because it cannot guarantee payment to its international suppliers.

You cannot help Renault, which stops selling its cheapest model because it simply cannot import it from Brazil, although it cannot cover the entire gap with a local car, because to produce it it also needs to import parts.

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You cannot help millions of companies and users that are entering into computer obsolescence. Today, our colleague Diego Dávila said that, according to the Argentine Multimedia Chamber, the 29 million computers, notebooks and servers in the country have an average age of 6 years, one of the highest in Latin America.

The years go by. Since 2011, when the restrictions began, there were less than three years without a stocks -2016 to September 2019-. And it does not give for more.


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