January 17, 2020

Newsy Today


The stolen picture of Klimt that some gardeners found by chance is authentic




The experts they have confirmed this Friday that a painting found by chance in the hollow of a wall of courtyard of a museum Northern Italy is effectively a work of the painter Gustav Klimt who had been missing for more than two decades.

The painting, already confirmed as «Portrait of a Lady», was located on December 10 hidden in the Ricci Oddi Gallery of Modern Art, in the Italian city of Plasencia. The gardeners they found him cleaning the herbs, inside a cavity protected by a metallic layer and apparently intact.

The local authorities have confirmed the analysis results in a press conference in which the mayor, Patrizia Barbieri, has celebrated «a story of historical importance for the historical and cultural community of the city», according to the newspaper Piacenza Sera.

An unknown is thus put to an end dating back to February 22, 1997, when the disappearance of the work was detected, allegedly stolen in the previous days. The painting lost track during a transfer on the occasion of a exposition, without the investigations being able to determine his whereabouts until the fortuitous finding last month.