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Do you remember the trend of the big brands in the fashion industry that consisted of selling t-shirts, pants and sneakers that pretended to be dirty and worn? Apparently, the clothing stores have not forgotten it and the shirts that seemed to be rags are added a new garment: a stained overalls.

It is the latest creation of the American company Ralph Lauren, that in his website have available he “Monkey with paint drips”, model for men that costs 690 euros, about $ 620 thousand to change to our currency.

Although, if there is someone interested in acquiring it we have news, because it is on offer with a 30% discount, which leaves the overalls at 483 euros, that is, just over $ 430 thousand.

Apparently there are those who want to have this garment in their closet, because at the time of writing this note there were few units left in stock. They have all sizes sold out, except for three garments available in size L.

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“Made of Japanese cotton satin with visible lining. Functional pockets. Paint splashes all over the garment ”, you can read in the description of the product that is displayed between the brand’s pants and dresses.

The garment recalls, among many similar cases, the old sneakers that Gucci sold, remembered for being a model that appeared to be used. Do you know who likes this fashion or would you buy something like that?

With its remarkably dirty look, the paint-splattered overalls have caught the eye of internet users who have joked about the sale of this product.


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