“The success of OnePlus will continue”

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The news was confirmed this month: Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, left the company. The same person who founded the Chinese company in 2013 and who together with Pete Lau led it to success has already made his departure official. He has done it by an emotional letter launched in the company forums, which we can also read from Spain.

OnePlus has always been a company that has taken into account the feedback of its users, maybe too much. The OnePlus forums have on more than one occasion been a very important meeting point between users and company managers; It is not a mystery therefore that Pei has chosen this place to say goodbye.

Pei has not been shy at all when it comes to talking about his departure from the company. He assures that he continues to believe that OnePlus he will be successful and ensures that the reasons that have led him to abandon OnePlus have not been far from negative.

Carl Pei leaves

Carl Pei.



“Thank you”. So titled Pei your letter, of short duration but full of information. Until recently, he was in charge of OnePlus North He has reviewed these almost 7 years at OnePlus, explaining that since he was little he has grown on the Internet and that the need to have a brand of smartphones Different motivated him to open OnePlus with his partner, Pete Lau.

His journey began at the age of 24, where he spent most of his age. “Having turned 24 when OnePlus started, it’s where I spent most of my 20’s and also where I grew up. From nervously interviewing my first employee, to facing severe stage fright the first time I introduced a product, to learning how to manage a team… The journey has been real The things we have accomplished and learned… I can’t begin to imagine an adventure most rewarding. “

There is no shortage of nice words to Lau, despite the fact that there have been rumors from the Anglo-Saxon press talking about an alleged dispute between him and Pei. “I’m eternally grateful to Pete for taking a chance on this guy without a college degree, with nothing to his name but a dream. Trust, mentorship, and camaraderie will never be forgotten. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“Success will continue”

Carl Pei, speaking with Marques Brownlee about the OnePlus Nord.

Carl Pei, speaking with Marques Brownlee about the OnePlus Nord.

Brands Brownlee


The fact that Pei left just before departure of the OnePlus 8T it has sparked rumors of all kinds. Given that Pei was one of the most visible faces of OnePlus and that he has always been in charge of providing the company of that charisma that makes a difference, users speculated whether the reason for leaving was that the company is no longer what it was.

Quite the opposite. Pei believes OnePlus is a “force to be reckoned with when it comes to smartphones emblematic. And with the new Nord product line, this success will continue in new market segments. “These words are not uncommon, as we remember that Pei was responsible of the Nord line.

Pei ends with a few words that reflect that, except for surprise, the reason that led the tycoon to leave the company was simply to want to have free time. “I’ve never regretted trusting my instincts, and this time it’s no different. These past few years OnePlus has been my singular focus, and everything else has had to take a backseat. I hope to take me. a free time to relax and catch up with my family and friends. And then follow my heart to the next thing that comes. “


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