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The Summer Game Fest recap with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Alan Wake 2, Mortal Kombat 1 and all the videos and announcements.

Games, games and more video games. Geoff Keighley took two hours during the summer of Game Fest to run the summer 2023 events (in the absence of E3) and give us announcements, news, dates and surprises. And what a surprise! In a glorious look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a SandLandgo to a new game of the same Carpenter and return to Prince of Persia.

Of course, a Summer Game Fest in which we were also on notice: we were already news on Mortal Kombat, Baldur’s Gate and Alan Wake 2. Offer together an event that lived up to the set expectations. And, how could it be otherwise, in VidaExtra We put together everything announced and every surprise in one place.

Prince of Persia: The Crown is Lost

Ubisoft started the event with the first surprise: the legend Prince of Persia is back with a platform action game, which is always grateful lateral roll and some moves that he seems to have borrowed from Kratos. January 18, 2024 we will have it on consoles and PC

Mortal Kombat 1

What a letter of introduction he had Mortal Kombat 1! The story has been rewritten, the gameplay looks like a dream, and the deaths are not mincing words. The Warner saga returns with a brutal pace and even more visceral shots than in previous installments.

And the answer is yes, the Kameo fighters, who will be assistants in battle, will give a new layer of barbarism to the series. On September 19 it arrives on PC and consoles.

  • Path of Exile II showed a brief gameplay preview to remind you of this It will arrive on July 28. Classic role that will compete between two titans like Diablo and Baldur’s Gate.

  • Street Fighter 6 sneak in Exoprimal through the first collaboration announced for both games

  • Nicolas Cage is coming Online game Dead By Daylight as a guest character. And not only that. He even went on stage to talk about himself.

Trailer for the third season of The Witcher

Online game The Witcher returns to Netflix on the occasion of its season 3, which will arrive in two batches throughout this summer. What better way to warm the atmosphere than not having Henry Cavill greet video game fans and, along the way, offer a glimpse of what will be his final feat as Geralt of Rivia.

  • Witchfire showed a new trailer. Dark fantasy and action galore by the creators of Bulletstorm,
  • Although if we prefer traditional shooting with more actual weapons and a touch of virtual reality, Game Crossfire Sierra Squad made its arrival on PS VR2 clear in August.
  • Rest II: After fantasy and modern warfare, the next stop at Summer Game Fest was clear: third-person, piece-based action with strong dark sci-fi elements.

Sonic SuperStars

Sonic recreates the 2D platform action we loved in a new adventure with many new features, multiplayer for up to four characters and different visual styles. It will arrive in the fall of 2023 on PC and consoles and that show looks great.

  • After switching to PC and mobile, Honokai Star Rail will bring RPG action with a strong anime style to PlayStation 5.

Lie P

There are many reasons for France, but what Round8 Studio and NeoWiz have on their hands is something crazy: combining the stories of Carlo Collodi in Pinocchio and Bloodborne. His name is Lie P. and will arrive on September 19. And beware that it comes from the launch of the Game Pass.


Akira Toriyama is more than Dragon Balland the proof is Sandland, the franchise based on his manga whose film will be released this year and has just announced its own action-adventure video game. Of course, we don’t have a release date yet.

  • Do you want independent projects and small gems? Between announcements and announcements, the Summer Games Fest announced that on June 29 there will be a showcase dedicated to the launches. from Annapurna.

Throne and Liberty

Multiplayer role playing and fantasy remain Amazon Games’ priority and the proof is Throne and Liberty. Of course, this time it will also land on consoles. Without a specific date, the Summer Game Fest served to confirm the opening of its open beta.

  • Sword, magic and mass fighting. Warhaven He showed a new advance and reminded that from the middle of this month it will be possible to try it for free on Steam.

  • And between one thing and another, Animal parts It already has an official date and it is shown in bold: we can play it on September 20, 2023.

  • Of course, so that the craze for anthropomorphic animals does not decrease, Activision recalled that Online game Crash Team RumbleActivision’s multiplayer platform action will arrive on June 20 with its launch trailer.

Alan Wake 2

Remedy’s first foray The field of survival horror it is a very exceptional event. As much as getting Sam Lake himself on stage to present the news Alan Wake 2 and provide new details about the game.

From the beginning, and despite the name of the game, there will be two main characters and the development of the game will be divided equally between them. With that being said, the main course of this segment was the first gameplay of the game. One last.

Warhammer 40K Space Marine II

Passionate people Wharhammer 40,000 They are experiencing a very sweet moment in all aspects, especially video games. And the highly anticipated ending Online game Warhammer Space Marine II and its cooperative promises to be the main course. One that will serve this winter, by the way.

  • A pixelated wonder in the midst of so much barbarism: Yes Your Grace Snow It appeared to make us fall in love with its medieval presentation and made it clear that it will arrive in 2024.

John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando

John Carpenter made the leap from movies to video games in style: zombies, explosions and high-octane action under the name of Focus Games. Toxic command He is already the kind of fool who listens to horror by giving him a couple of games to unleash a barbarism.

Baldur’s Gate 3

The early access stage has come to an end: the launch of Baldur’s Gate 3 is just around the corner (on August 31) on PC and consoles and the legend of the cult role warms the atmosphere by showing Gortash in a new trailer for Lari. . How little is left!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The Playstation Showcase was missing a big concerning detail Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Today we have positive news and better news for you: taking advantage of the Summer Game Fest we learned new details, it was ruled out that Venom is Eddie Brock, we saw the cover and it was confirmed that it will arrive in October. 20.

The poor? The date arrived with new pieces of art, which you can see just above, as well as a taste of what the new collector’s edition will look like: nonetheless, we remain without seeing new gameplay. It will be time to wait for a new big event from Sony.

  • We left without seeing a new Pokémon game from Nintendo, though Palworld managed to fill this void and, in the process, shower its animals in all colors and shapes of firearms with a new taste. The date: 2024.

Return to Moria

Do you love Lord of the Rings? This story based on the invasion of the mines of Moria by a group of dwarves wants to be your next adventure in a key video game.

Final Fantasy VII ever crisis

How many versions of FFinal Fantasy VII did you play There is still room for another and from mobile: Final Fantasy VII ever crisis will reimagine the classic by reviewing the essence of the 1997 game, but keeping the ambition of each Final Fantasy project. Registrations to test it on iOS and Android are now open.

  • More fantasy? Focus took advantage of the event to announce this Banishers Ghost of Eden It will happen at the end of this year. And what shows shows way.

Like a Gaiden dragon

SEGA not only brought Sonic back: the mythical Kiryu returned with a preview Like a Gaiden dragon The lost chapter of the saga before turning towards the JRPG and a return to this blessed street action.

  • Under Waves It will arrive on August 29 to offer an underwater adventure with a dark twist. What better way to combat the hot summer months than underwater and in a cold sweat?

  • We knew we would see the fourth season Call of Duty Warzone at Summer Game Fest. We had the date and now a look at what we will find on the screen: the shooter Activision adds and continues without stopping.

  • Although if you are not so interested in shooting, Fae Farm is more inspired by Online game Animal Crossing y Stardew Valley. Moreover, it is a very curious combination of both games. Will it be up to him? on September 8 we will know about Switch and PC.

  • Tune in Marvel Snap? There is a new way to earn prizes and rewards called Conquest mode. But the best thing is that it has already started playing on mobile phones and the early access version on PC.
  • And if you prefer legendary heroes, Kabam Games has just opened test registration for King Arthur: Legend Rises. A new action and fantasy game for mobile and PC.

The strategy could not be missing in a great video game event, and in the summer of the Game Fest it was carried out Paradoxwho cooks up a flurry of ads in his own mind.

Store metal

There are still a few days left for PlayStation Productions and Universal to release the series Store metalBut that didn’t stop the Summer Game Fest from showing a sneak peek of Sweet Tooth in the middle of a casino.

  • It is very difficult to talk about Light trap no mention of Hades, but all rpg action is still welcome. Does the game Supergigant eat the toast? For now, Quantic Dream participated in the game as editor.

Immortal in Aveum

Electronic Arts and Ascendant Studios have on their hands a proposal for fantasy, magic and first-person shooter sensations. And it can’t be denied that the gameplay is shown in the summer game fest season Immortal in Aveum it’s totally promising. It will happen in the summer of this year.

Online game Fortnite Wilds

under no Online game Fortnite Wilds, Epic Games begins the new season of its successful Battle Royale with the premise that the center of the island has sunk. News? In addition to a cinematic trailer, the chance to ride Velociraptors, new exotic areas and transformers, starting with Optimus Prime.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Maybe the premiere Final Fantasy XVI is just around the corner, but Square Enix has not wavered when it comes to showing the highly anticipated return, reimagining and at the same time the continuation of the ship of its legend: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It showed scenes, stories, glorious gameplay and best of all, the plan goes as planned: The game will arrive in early 2024.

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