the surprises of the Portuguese Parliament


The Chega! (That's enough!) Entered the Portuguese National Assembly. And since then, Portugal is perplexed and worried. Until now the country seemed immune to extreme right-wing populism, a rare case in Europe. Admittedly, he returns through the back door, with only one deputy, in the person of his leader, André Ventura, 36 years old. Commentator football on a very popular private television channel, the man controls rather well the workings of the communication.

A defector of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, center right), he had tried his luck in the European elections in May, without success. Then he took advantage of an election campaign focused on the dimension of socialist victory to widen its path. With only six months of existence, the Chega! do not hesitate to trumpet his claim to hoist his flag on the wall of the São Bento Palace – the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic – in a few years.

The Portuguese Antonio Costa, a European exception

Some observers have already sounded the alarm " Chega! is a xenophobic party, nationalist and safe in its convictions (…). At a time when the far right is gaining ground in many European countries, the election of André Ventura is not a fruit of season but a rotten fruit (…) He will use every time in the hemicycle to make his viral statements on social networks and will arise as anti-system fighter"Warns Pedro Santos Guerreiro, reputed journalist, in the pages of the weekly Espresso.

For Filipe Vasconcelos Romão, professor of international relations at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, the new MP is above all an opportunist."He realized that there was a" niche "to occupy, since the true far-right party, the National Renovating Party, is considered far too radical. The Portuguese far right is fragmented. André Ventura rushed into the breach, his "ideological" discourse is built as and when."

Entry of ultraliberals

If you look closely, the new Parliament, coming out of the polls this Sunday, October 6, conceals several novelties. The entrance of the Liberal Initiative Party, with a member of Parliament, made an impression. This more elitist than populist party advocates the end of the public service in education and health, the meritocracy at work, and a tax grab of 15% for all, from 650 euros of income per month (the current minimum wage is 600 euros). As for the PAN (people, animals, nature), it passes from 1 to 4 deputies.

In Portugal, a "team" left badly tied but lasts

This purely "animalistic" party in its infancy added the word "people" in its acronym, to get closer to ecology. Very active, posing as neither right nor left, he hopes to be associated with the negotiations with the Socialist Party, winner of the election (106 deputies out of 230).

Finally, the election of Joacine Katar Moreira appears as a snub to the Chega!, Racist and xenophobic André Ventura. This member of the LIVRE (socialist left), is one of three black women from the former Portuguese colonies now in the National Assembly. Again, a real first.

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