The surprising revelation about Bale: "Speak perfect Spanish"


Chris Coleman, Welsh coach between 2012 and 2017, said in an interview that Gareth Bale speaks "a perfect Spanish", or at least enough to make himself understood in a restaurant. This has been assured in an interview with The Athletic, after revealing his trip to Madrid to meet with the extreme: «I have been with Gareth in Madrid, in a restaurant, and he does speak perfect Spanish, asks for food, greets people . He was very polite, but it is his space ».

Coleman, who after training Wales tried his fortune without much success in the English Sunderland and the Chinese Hebei Fortune, also defended the introverted character of Bale, which makes him remain oblivious, even, to the dinners and celebrations of the Real Madrid squad . «I saw John Toshack saying that Gareth has not given enough of himself to the public in Madrid. Well, he has never done that. It is not his character. When he gets home he plays golf, stays with his family, in his small circle. It is unfair when people say they should do this, do that. No, be yourself. If Bale is not happy in his head, he will not be well in the field.

Gareth Bale, sanctioned against Levante, will again be the game at the premiere in the Champions League against PSG. The Welshman has so far played 61 games in the top continental competition in which he has scored 20 goals and given 18 assists. It has four titles in its medal winners. .


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