July 8, 2019

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The suspected suspect left by Cobb's grandfather died

An ugly family is expecting a speedy justice after a driver in Cobb County met and a four-year-old grandfather was killed on Tuesday.

The family said Thomas Hernandez, who is 58 years of age, with Channel 2's Newsletter that they had been spoiled after they heard it was found on the side of Smyrna's Powder Road.

“I can't believe,” said Thomas Hernandez, son of Thomas, with Channel 2 on Monday. “Just shock.”

Hernandez said that his father was walking home from work when a vehicle hit him. He was walking on the roadside, Cobb police said to the news station.

Another driver known as 911 but who was unable to observe the driver or the vehicle license plate. The only report available on the available vehicle is that it was a “passenger type car” that was driving fast and there is likely to be initial damage, the police said.

“That's a person who doesn't have a heart. His time will come, ”said Josue Trinidad, nephew Thomas, to Channel 2.“ Nothing goes wrong. ”

The victim's son begged the hit and runner driver to enter.

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“God sees everything,” said Jose Hernandez. “And whatever it is, there is nothing against you. With God's love, turn into yourself into. ”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cobb police at 770-499-3900 or send an anonymous tip through the departmental line, which can be accessed here.

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