Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

The suspicious smell came from Donges!

It was early in the morning that the first testimonies reported a strong smell of fuel oil or fuel throughout southern Brittany, the sectors of Vannes, Lorient, Muzillac … but also in the Loire Atlantique. Firefighters have received many calls.

The prefectures of Morbihan and Loire Atlantique have conducted surveys to find out where this smell came from and especially to know if it represented any danger.

Finally, it was a leak at the level of a LPG valve that had been badly closed at the Donges refinery in Loire Atlantique.

Total’s communications department confirmed the news and confirmed that the incident had been resolved

There was no warning from the regional health agency and no one was hospitalized. Just a lot of inconvenience, headaches or a throat that stings.

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