Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

The SWAT team leader wearing the QAnon patch during his meeting with Pence was disciplined

Vice President Pence addresses reporters Saturday on a tarmac at an airport in Mexico City. (Anthony Vazquez / AP) (Marco Ugarte / AP) Eli Rosenberg Journalist on Mission Covering National News and News December 3 at 11:12 pm The Florida SWAT team leader, who wore a QAnon badge on his uniform while he was meeting Vice President Pence the week Last, was punished by the sheriff's office for which he works losing his tactical mission, announced Monday officials. Sgt. Matt Patten, photographed greeting Pence at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport along with other members of the Broward County Sheriff's Office on Friday, will be removed from his homeland security office as well as from SWAT team from the agency and reassigned to the department. law enforcement. Patten, a 31-year-old police veteran, has been charged with violating the office's policies regarding employee conduct and due process. According to a note released Monday by the sheriff's office, Patten was a tactical team leader who worked with the secret services to develop a security plan developed for the vice president's cortege during his visit. [Pence shares picture of himself meeting a SWAT officer with a QAnon conspiracy patch] After Pence returned to the airport after speaking to an American-Israeli group in a Hollywood hotel, the SWAT team was informed that the Vice President wanted to personally thank them for their services and take a picture in front of his plane. "For this event, the SWAT team leader – Sergeant Patten intentionally placed an unauthorized symbol / patch on the SWAT jacket issued by his agency to meet and display with VPOTUS Pence," reads the memo. . The fix, with a large letter Q in black surrounded by red and the text "Question to story," was reported Friday by social media observers. He is affiliated with QAnon, a collection of baseless plot theories that postulate that there are anonymous truth tellers working on Internet bulletin boards to convey the message of a global cabal wanting to silence President Trump. . The sheriff's report called QAnon, which has racist and anti-Semitic connotations among some adherents, "a controversial group of conservative political conspiracy" that "extremely supports the government of President Trump, and aligns with the alternative theoretical meanings behind political events. ". [You’ll never guess how the QAnon conspiracy theorists feel about all this media coverage] "Being a highly political entity with a narrow field of view, the public alignment and representation of such a group is in contrast to the core values ​​of political neutrality within the office of the Broward Sheriff's Office," indicates the report. "Sergeant Patten's actions of uniting with a controversial group are not consistent with the core values ​​of law enforcement and Sheriff Broward's office. [and] discredited from the agency, the county and himself. "The sheriff's office found that Patten was violating his ban on" unbecoming conduct by an employee. "Pence had tweeted the picture, as well as other people posing with members of the US forces. The order on the tarmac on Friday. "Grateful for the brave members of the forces of order who contributed to my visit to Florida this afternoon," wrote Pence. observers had noted the fix on the photo, even though it's still available elsewhere online.Read more: The mystery of 'Q': How an anonymous conspiracy dealer launched a move ( if the person exists) How QAnon, the conspiracy theory spawned by a Trump affair, has become so big and so scary Old Dallas policeman charged with killing neighbor's shootings.

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