The Talibn confirm the agreement with the US and say the end is “the departure of all troops”

Thetalibanhave confirmed in a statement that thepeace agreement with the United StatesIt will be signed on February 29 once the seven-day period of violence reduction is completed and they have made it clear that the ultimate goal of the pact is the “departure of all foreign troops” from Afghanistan.

In a statement, they explained that “after a long negotiation” now “both parties will create an adequate security situation” before the signing of the peace agreement, which is plannedinvite “representatives of numerous countries and organizations”.

The agreement reached with Washington, according to the Taliban, also provides for the release of prisoners as well as “structuring a path for negotiation between Afghans with various political parties in the country” and “ultimately,lay the foundation for peacethroughout the country, with the withdrawal of all foreign troops. “

Likewise, the compromise has been reached that “the land of Afghanistan will not be allowed to be used against the safety of others so that our people can live a prosperous and peaceful life in the shadow of an Islamic system, if Allah wants,” they have riveted the Taliban.


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