The tax is cheaper starting next month, when will Honda’s electric car launch?


Starting next month, the car tax will use the new scheme. Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) for new cars is no longer calculated based on the type of car and its engine capacity. Starting October 16, PPnBM for cars is calculated based on emissions and fuel consumption.

The cleaner the emissions produced by the car, the cheaper the tax. In fact, battery-based electric cars are not subject to PPnBM or 0%.

Of course this is an attraction for people who want to have an environmentally friendly car. This is because cars that are more environmentally friendly can be cheaper because of the tax relief incentives.

Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor, Yusak Billy, said that his party saw electric cars have potential in Indonesia.

“Which of course is also related to consumer readiness, regulations and infrastructure that supports electrification,” said Billy to detikcom.

Asked about when Honda’s electric car launched in Indonesia, Billy said that his party was still studying it. According to him, Honda itself has several electrified car options to be introduced in Indonesia.

“We continue to study various regulations and consumer needs in order to determine the most suitable technology for Indonesia,” he said.

The policy regarding PPnBM based on emissions is contained in Government Regulation No. 73 of 2019 and Government Regulation No. 74 of 2021. The regulation regulates the amount of PPnBM for cars sold in Indonesia based on the emissions released by the vehicle and its fuel consumption. The regulation also explains about tax breaks for electric cars.

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In short, PPnBM for battery-based electric cars or battery electric vehicles (pure electric cars) is 0%. Meanwhile, the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is subject to PPnBM of 5%. And full hybrid cars are subject to PPnBM at 6%, 7%, and 8% depending on the emission level and fuel consumption.

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