The teachers’ union reiterated that there are no conditions for distance classes

The FVM insisted that the Ministry for Education “has not shown willingness to address the salary situation of teachers.”


The Venezuelan Federation of Teachers (FVM) reiterated, through a statement on its Twitter account this Monday, September 14, that teachers do not have the necessary conditions to teach classes in the distance mode.

“Teacher, parents and representative cannot afford the resources to participate in a distance education program, due to salaries, which are barely enough for half a meal. What makes a discriminatory program because only a few will have access to it, “said the FVM statement.

The FVM recalled that the majority of the population does not have “communication services through the Internet, or technological resources such as computers, tablets, smartphones” to develop the school year online.

The union added that “the teacher has a hunger salary. A teacher I earns as a base salary the equivalent of $ 1.85, that is, around Bs. 666,000 (…). The Ministry of Popular Power for Education has not shown willingness to address the salary situation of teachers, who have had to leave their jobs to dedicate themselves to other activities ”.

Non-contact activities

President Nicolás Maduro reported, on the afternoon of Sunday 13-S, that – knowing the experience in other countries, where there has been a re-outbreak of coronavirus cases — “wherever we see it, study it and analyze it, with no room for doubts, the face-to-face return to classes is not favorable for controlling the pandemic. That is why in Venezuela, as president, I declare that I will not return to classes in person ”.

He also said “we will see if we return in January” and that he has asked the ministers Aristóbulo Istúriz and the Minister of University Education, César Trómpiz, to present the formula for the restart of the 2020-2021 school period with teleclasses or online classes.

Read here the full statement from the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers:

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