The television cast "democratizes" the League


The Levant touches Barcelona's beards, Real Madrid soak theirs in front of Mallorca, Atlético is shaved in Anoeta. Everyone criticizes that the big ones fail. Isn't it that the world is the other way around? It is not the big ones that have dropped the level, it is the other teams that have risen overwhelmingly in the football category. The joint television distribution for all members of Primera, with aid for those who descend, has meant that each average entity receives four times more money than before 2015. It was an unavoidable objective of Javier Tebas since he became president of the League. Today, "LaLiga" assimilates to the Premier in competitiveness and equality. It has gone from entering 600 million annually on television to collect 1,800, a figure that allows the humble to fight with the greats.

Javier Tebas, president of the League: «Economic control, since 2013, has made clubs have orderly accounts, have greater resources and can retain talent. With the Royal Decree of 2015 the economy of clubs makes competitiveness increase, there are reforms in the fields, increased attendance and especially more fans in the world »

The data is not opinionable. Currently, the sixteenth classified of the Spanish championship receives an average of 40 million euros. I used to charge 13. A team like Athletic, which does not play Champions, now enters 71 million. He used to stay at 17.

It was four years ago when this revolution began. The Royal Decree on the centralization of television rights became official and Spanish football began to change. Today we notice the effect. The League has been "democratized."

A total reform: from charging 600 to 1,865 million
The battering ram of this decisive evolution, Javier Tebas, explains to ABC the keys to this total transformation of our League: «Economic control, since 2013, has made clubs have orderly accounts, have greater resources and can retain talent . After the Royal Decree of May 2015, the economic situation of the clubs increases competitiveness, not only for a more equitable distribution, but also because the clubs are no longer in debt. Stadium reforms, increased attendance, and above all, a greater number of fans around the world ».

Ángel Torres, president of Getafe: «Now we receive more income, we can sign better, have a stronger team and any modest club can win a big one»

The leader of the employer's office affects the chapter of the followers: «The fan is not only who goes to the stadium or who subscribes to a television in Spain, we have spectators around the world and that is one of the keys to continue growing as an industry ».

A pioneer of modest miracles, Ángel Torres, president of Getafe, analyzes this progress, lived in our own flesh: «Now we are more competitive and we fight with those from above because we receive more means, we have more income and we can fight in better conditions ».

They can beat the big ones

Granada, Valladolid and Real Sociedad today are on the path that the Azulón team traced over the years. "We cannot say that we are going to fight for the title, that may be seen in ten years' time, when the income is even more balanced, but now any modest can defeat a great, which must be used thoroughly in all fields if he wants win ”, warns Ángel Torres, the culprit of the getafense legend, who reasons the argument:“ We receive more income and we can sign better and make a stronger team ”.

Luis Milla former player, former Olympic coach, coach: «Now, Real Madrid and Barcelona go out rented if they don't put the batteries; It's not like before, they won out 0-3. This is good for the League. The modest ones, like Getafe and Betis, who are opposite poles, can sign men for their styles. The Getafe plays with two points, enters quickly through the bands and puts a center of the hard field. Tab to enhance your style. And Betis, who is looking for combination football, has Canales and Joaquín »

Former Real Madrid and Barcelona player, former coach and coach, Luis Milla has a technical vision of this greater equality in the championship: «The television cast has given more money to modest teams and the important thing is that they work very well with that income, because If they do it wrong, it is worthless. Now they have more scouts, they have more options to choose better players and everything has matched. Getafe and Betis, for example, are opposite styles and sign accordingly. Getafe seeks direct football, speed through the bands, two points and a center of the hard field, and hires players from that court. Betis is looking for combination football and that is why he has Canales and Joaquín ».

Milla applauds this equality: «It is good for our League, because it sells better. You no longer see, as before, that Real Madrid and Barcelona went out and won 0-3. Now, if you don't put the batteries in, they come out rented.

Milla stresses, anyway, that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético must increase their benefits: «I think they will improve, because if they do not they will suffer problems in the Champions League from February, because there is a lot of level. The greats are also failing because they don't do the basic physical preparation in preseason. They tour for business, for money, and they pay for it. They must look at it ».

The "PSG and City Traps"
Real Madrid and Barcelona do not agree with the current television cast. The centralization of rights has meant that the two ocean liners receive the same euros as in 2015. Before they charged 140 million per season and now maintain that figure, while the rest of the teams have doubled, tripled and quadrupled their perceptions. The third in discord, Atlético, received 42 million in 2010. Last season he entered 99.2. Sevilla went from 24 million in 2010 to 66 today. Real Madrid and Barcelona ask that their income increase according to their importance in the League.

Thebes, resounding in the face of the illegality of PSG and City: «PSG and Manchester City cheat football by dumping. When they open the oil or gas tap, they cause a galloping inflation in European football. They cheat »

Javier Tebas wishes that the greater equality he manages in our football be transferred to the Champions League. The leader of the Spanish employer has denounced to UEFA the unfair financing of clubs such as PSG and Manchester City, which sign players with money that is not budgeted, millions that come from sheikhs and checks coming from large multinationals or Offices of Tourism of Qatar or the United Arab Emirates. It is an illegal competition that harms our clubs, especially Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético.

UEFA has applied the rule to clubs not being able to spend more than one hundred million on the sales revenue of soccer players, but it is not enough. Javier Tebas is blunt: «PSG and Manchester City cheat football by dumping. When they open the oil or gas tap, they cause a galloping inflation in European football. They cheat. .


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