The ten of the «tenth»


Eight oaths and two promises to start with the team that will star in the tenth term. We already know that Citizens are more likely to promise than to swear, although the vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea, "doubled" and swore twice (as "vice" and as a counselor) to compensate for the small exception of two "independent" comrades who came from his hand: the Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, and the person in charge of the Culture portfolio, Javier Ortega. Not a single extravagance in the formula for taking office – he missed the various modalities used in the Cortes – with ten councilors, among which men win by a landslide (seven to three). Perhaps for that reason, the fixed image of the new council of Government was especially austere with so much suit and tie and gave greater prominence to the only note of color, which put the counselor of Family, Isabel Blanco, who opted for a red dress, to the elegance of Verónica Casado and to the sobriety of the Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas.

What did happen were many smiles on a hot morning nuanced by the enormous structure placed in the central square of the headquarters of the Junta and presided over by three large shields of Castilla y León. Among the happiest, Jesus Julio Carnero, because after a torturous month he is finally turned into a counselor. He was accompanied by a good delegation of provincial deputies who had to take their forced march. «I am still president … of the PP of Valladolid», came to comment with laughter to who almost greets him as president of the provincial institution. Even more pleased was the former Minister of Health, Antonio Sáez Aguado, who recognized himself as "a free man" after symbolically handing over "the mess to his successor, Verónica Casado, who has already been criticized by a society of" colleagues " in the profession that does not share his vision of Health.

Nor did she hide her satisfaction at giving the relief to the former Culture Minister, Josefa García Cirac, eager to return to her professional activity. His successor, Javier Ortega, became yesterday the first Minister of Culture that Ciudadanos has in Spain, which led to the Secretary of Institutional Relations and responsible for the Area of ​​Culture, Marta Rivera, to move from Madrid. During one of the usual groups he commented with the deputy of Cs, Soraya Mayo, the coincidence that both were journalists. It was missed, yes, the presence of the secretary of Institutional Action of the orange formation, José María Espejo-Saavedra, whose presence is required for several months in any official ceremony that boasts and is related to the executive-legislative of Castilla y León. The truth is that his assistance was planned, although last-minute agenda problems did not make it possible. It is true that this absence was compensated by a large group of representatives of Rivera, who did not hide their happiness for having managed to touch power and be part of the Government of Castilla y León. Precisely, the new vice president, Francisco Igea, who already has his office in the College of the Assumption (seat of the Board), had among the public, in addition to his wife and one of his children, his mother, who lost detail of what had to do with the number two of the Junta de Castilla y León. The same as the most benjamines of the place, the two children of the Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas, who had their share of prominence in the act.

Particularly outstanding were the seven outgoing councilors (two remain in the executive) present at the inauguration – some with more joy than others – although the presence of the Mister, of the former Junta Vicente Herrera, who already has to go on doing the same, was missed. Path. The route to the office is intended to teach the former Pilar del Olmo to the owners of Economy and Finance, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, and Employment and Industry, Germán Barrios, whom he sought to make the transfer of powers although, like her she acknowledged, "you already know it." By the way, Barrios, after swearing in his position and joining the rest of the councilors, forgot to greet his colleagues and it was the president himself, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who intercepted him to offer his hug.

Because he could miss anything but kisses and congratulations, those who received the ten counselors who were accompanied, especially by family, friends and colleagues. Nobody, yes, of the socialist ranks, with the sole exception of the mayor of Valladolid, Oscar Puente, whose presence had more to do with the fact that Valladolid hosts the institutional act. The Bureau of the Cortes, with its president, Luis Fuentes, at the head; the president of Cecale, Juan Carlos Aparicio; the regional secretary of UGT, Faustino Temprano; the Prosecutor of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, Lourdes Rodríguez; the presidents of the Provincial Councils of Valladolid, Conrado Íscar, and Palencia, Ángeles Armisén … were also among those invited to an event with which the X Legislature began to move. (tagsToTranslate) ten (t) decima


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