The tennis players


What happens with some tennis players is that sometimes they appear in the Roland Garros of the sentimental magazines. I mean they are famous beyond the racket, starting or ending with Rafa Nadal or Feliciano López. We also serve the golden names of Fernando Verdasco, or David Ferrer. They are the golden generation of Nadal. They are the wonderful golden generation of the incalculable Nadal. Sometimes they occupy the podium on the cover of love, before or after fighting a match for Federer. They are not people who take with pleasure, neither much nor little, the game beyond their own professional game, but they are apollos that also impact champions in the specifications of the press, between bullfighters and footballers.

Pulling the ongoing biographies of all these glorious, we get their girlfriends, or wives, predictably, because the crowd is no longer satisfied with knowing the brand of the tracksuit. Nadal has a silent and serene girlfriend, Xisca Perelló, whom he calls «Mery». She is a girl to avoid the consort lights, and in the stands she has the enthusiasm inside. The opposite, in short, of the consortes of showcase of so much soccer player. Nadal is not famous for the cover of the color, although it could be on any cover, for merit of prestige, that is, because yes, against fashion, which agitates famous garrafón.

If we look to the other side, we get Feliciano López, who had, in distant days, a difficult Guadian courtship with Miss Spain María José Suárez, and that ended with a lot of gossip thunder. It has not been the only famous Feliciano, who is a handsome consensus. Quoting quickly, there are romances of the newspaper archive with Jessica Bueno and Ursula Corberó. He was known as Donjuán, but he did well to avoid it. The past of his relationship with the model Alba Carrillo had a lot of future in the sets of sets.

Fernando Verdasco, today a man of Ana Boyer, fell in love in the past to the dazzling Ana Ivanovic. There were others, such as actresses Dafne Fernández or Camille Belle, or the model Jarah Mariano, a fantasy creature that extends and prestige the now extinct angel choir of Victoria’s Secret parades.

Ana Boyer was the woman who removed Verdasco from the women. For years, David Ferrer has been fixed in Marta Tornel, which is also a heartthrob, only in his own way. David retired from the sports pit a few months ago, to take more care of his family. Feliciano, at times, has been a tennis player of the romance, and thus the bitter time passed that anyone spoke of his life as if he were of the family. Sometimes it was his turn to play life's tennis, which lasts longer than tennis itself. Where militates of sustained champion. He carried those talkies under the umbrella of silence, without letting go of the word high or low, and I believe that with merit. And rightly. Until today. .


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