August 25, 2019

Newsy Today

the third phase of lead decontamination begins Monday, tests underway in schools before the start

Decontamination and decontamination work began on August 14th and is scheduled for completion on September 10th.

A third phase of lead pollution will be carried out on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 August on the forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral, resulting in some traffic restrictions, reports France Bleu Paris. Disturbances are expected for motorists but also for pedestrians.

Decontamination and decontamination work began on August 14 and will end on September 10, almost five months after the fire that occurred in Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on April 15.

Contacted by France Bleu Paris, the mayor says that schools in the area are not affected by this new phase of cleanup. As for the Saint-Benoît school group located in the 6th district, which welcomed children during the summer and had to close on July 25 because of high levels of lead, several actions have been carried out there since. Also according to the town hall, the court lining was removed, a new bitumen was then poured. Tests are currently underway to verify that rates are now up to standard. Finally, concerning the site of the cathedral, it resumed on August 19 after three weeks of interruption. The security protocol has been reinforced for all workers.