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The Pemons remain detained in El Rodeo II / Photo: Correo del Caroní

Lawyers for the 12 Pemones, still detained in El Rodeo II after the assault on the 513 Mariano Montilla Infantry Battalion of the Gran Sabana municipality at the end of 2019, denounced that at least four indigenous people are suffering from symptoms similar to those that caused the death of Salvador Franco at the beginning of the year, reviewed Caroni Mail.

The lawyer for the Foro Penal organization, Stefania Migliorini, indicated that the Pemons have not been transferred to a care center, despite the judge’s order in November 2020, for the transfer of the 13 Pemons to a hospital.

On the other hand, Olnar Ortiz, a lawyer for Foro Penal and coordinator of Indigenous Peoples, stated that the Pemons were given a screening test for COVID-19 last week, in which they tested negative, but the test has not been performed. examination of tuberculosis, a disease from which Franco died.

In addition to this, he reaffirmed that they continue without a medical examination in a health center as ordered by the judge on November 27 at the preliminary hearing. Ortiz said that next week they will request that the transfer order be executed for the medical examination of the 12 remaining pemons, as well as requesting a change of the detention site.

No investigations

The lawyer pointed out that the Prosecutor’s Office has not started an investigation into Franco’s case so far. Migliorini assured that they are carrying out complaints and legal actions so that representatives of the Public Ministry can exercise criminal actions against those possible responsible for the death of the indigenous person and that the physical and mental health of those who are still deprived of liberty can be protected.

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“Once the autopsy is revealed, the responsibility of the State is demonstrated, that is why the case will be brought as a petition before the UN arbitrary detention rapporteurs, the Indigenous Peoples Rapporteurship, as well as before the ICC,” he said. Ortiz.

Salvador, detained on December 29, 2019, died on January 3 due to tuberculosis and malnutrition. During this period, they never received medical attention, nor were they guaranteed food or drinking water. Despite Franco’s death, nothing has changed.

Similar prison conditions

“Everything is still the same (…) in that inhuman state in which they are, there is no water there, they do not have a bathroom, they do not give them adequate food, they really are having work,” said Migliorini.

The four indigenous people are down, with coughs and loss of appetite without being allowed access to medicines easily, the lawyer denounced. The defense stressed that the 12 Pemons are afraid of contracting tuberculosis and suffering the same as Franco.

Migliorini indicated that from the prison they have put multiple obstacles to not carry out the transfer of the pemons, among them the lack of transportation, gasoline and even rubber. “Before Salvador’s death, the relatives tried to help them with what they needed … they needed a car, they got him,” he said.

Even Salvador’s relatives made arrangements to get gasoline and transfer the indigenous person, however, the last excuse before he died was that they did not have authorization from the prison minister to take him to a care center. “A penitentiary center when seeing the state of health of one of the deprived does not need nor authorization of a court”, denounced Migliorini.

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Felicia Pérez, mother of Amílcar, Oscar and Pantaleón Pérez, three of the 12 pemons still in prison and who has remained in Caracas giving food to the prisoners, said: “We are afraid that they will get tuberculosis.”

In turn, he stressed that they will continue to demand justice and that “Salvador’s death does not go unpunished.”

Puerto Ordaz / Caroni Mail



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