the title is confirmed on next gen

Cyberpunk 2077: the title is confirmed on next gen

CYBERPUNK 2077 – In the wake of Microsoft’s announcements on the Xbox Series X, a next gen version of the CD Projekt title has been made official.

[Mis à jour le 24 février 2020 à 16h51] For the first time, the developers at CD Projekt RED have just formalized Cyberpunk 2077 on new generation consoles. On the game’s official Twitter account, it was explained that buyers of the title on Xbox One will receive the title on Xbox Series X when it becomes available. Which, by definition, confirms an output on the next generation of machines. No date has yet filtered. We will probably have to wait for the official announcement from the manufacturers (Microsoft, Sony) to find out more.

Gameplay presentation at Gamescom 2019

Through a new 15-minute video, the developers revealed gameplay features. This video takes us to Night City and immerses us in the district called “Pacifica”. Initially promised to be a massive tourist attraction, the various investors gradually withdrew from the neighborhood, leaving behind an unfinished set of buildings, which have now become the haunts of some of the city’s most dangerous gangs. In this video, two gangs are presented to us: The Voodoo boys and the Animals.

After summarizing the character creation, history and skills, the video takes us to the “Grand Imperial Mall” to discover the objectives we have concerning the Animals. Each gang seems to have its particularity and that of the Animals specializes in brute force, each of its members being a mirror cabinet. The developers then offer us two ways to exploit: the brutal way, with a character with skills around combat, and a Hacker way, which uses the implants of opponents to neutralize them.

We had the right, in 2018 to almost an hour of gameplay, digging deep into the game mechanics. It is therefore only natural that this year at E3 we have only a cinematic trailer for us present the game. This one gives us some tiny details on some gameplay mechanics, and possibly the scenario. The big surprise of this E3 is however the actor Keanu Reeves who appeared at the end of the trailer before going on stage in the flesh. It took no less than 15 days for Keanu Reeves to record his lines of dialogue, so we can deduce that it is he who should be remembered from this trailer, because it will not be a simple cameo or of a temporary appearance, but indeed of an important character.

The game has been awaited for many years and has been an Arlesian for a very long time. As with The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, CD Red Projekt is preparing an RPG for us, but this time of gargantuan size, with as much room reserved for storytelling. We had almost an hour of gameplay during E3 2018, just after the release of the first trailer. An hour of gameplay undermining the cognitive abilities of more than one viewer as the amount of information is substantial and the possibilities of the title gargantuan. But several key pieces of information come out fairly easily. First of all, it is indeed an FPS. But how can an FPS also be an RPG? one can wonder. This is where the talent and experience of CD Red Projekt comes into play with possibilities to attract both fans of one or the other of these two genres. If the shooting phases are chaotic, we are however far from a Doom, and the phases of loot and dialogues are, it seems, preponderant in this title.

Driving, fighting, dialoguing, interacting, everything seems simple and fluid in Cyberpunk 2077. The game is wide and deep and tries to do your best to never cut the immersion. And obviously for a game from this studio, the mature content is present in significant quantities. Whether it is violent relationships or content, everything is clearly identified for adults, with the aim, once again, of making immersion total. This immersion could also be shared, in the long term, since a partnership between CD Red Projekt and Digital Scape, a studio specializing in multiplayer games, was born to develop several technologies. It is certain that the multiplayer will not be available for release, but it is very likely that it will appear after a few months, since the world of Cyberpunk 2077 is much less locked than that of The Witcher.

The developers of Cyberpunk 2077 have confirmed that a multiplayer mode is in the cards for the RPG. The mode still seems to be in development, and CD Projekt Red. The announcement was made on Twitter via the official account of the development studio. The tweet also confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 will receive solo DLCs, some of which will be free, and others that will be paid.

Originally scheduled for April 16, 2020, the release has been delayed until September 17, 2020. The title will be released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia and GeForce Now. Since the new Xbox Series X is backward compatible, the title will also be playable on the platform.

While the very first teaser for Cyberpunk 2077 appeared in 2012, the game was discreet for 6 years. This first teaser, moreover, was just a fixed scene. In 2018, on the other hand, CD Projekt Red had shared a complete trailer detailing in broad outline the directions that the game has taken. The same year, the studio went on to reveal no less than an hour of gameplay. Then, at E3 2019, we had the right to a cinematic trailer even adding Keanu Reeves. Here it is below.

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