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Traditionally, the most local businesses have worked with word of mouth. The electrician of the neighborhood, the locksmith who leaves you the sticker next to the lock … are autonomous working with a relatively small but faithful customer base. One of the problems they face now is that the competition does not stop growing: the big companies increasingly offer more personalized services and on the internet there are groupers and platforms that put potential clients in contact with companies.

In addition, this is coupled with the tendency of users to use the Internet as one of the main sources of information search before hiring the services they need. 76% use the Network to learn about what they will acquire, according to data from the National Observatory of Telecommunications and the Information Society of A point has arrived in which if your company is not on the internet, it is as if it did not exist.

With this situation, there are many self-employed and micro-SMEs who risk losing their faithful and who can no longer rely on having the same clients as always. The problem comes because they do not know how or do not have the resources to invest in developing a website and increase their online presence through advertising. They feel an unfounded, if understandable, fear of investing in this aspect of digitization. Tools like Adgoclick can help to expand the brands of SMEs through networks. The company aims to give more visibility to small brands and is responsible for designing and creating a personalized website with contact information so that those who do not know the small business can find it.

Custom web pages make it possible for customers to get a more specific idea of ​​who they are hiring. With the breadth of offers that are currently on the Internet users want to be as informed as possible before hiring services. That the self-employed and small entrepreneurs have a web page makes it possible to meet the objective of expanding the range of customers they can reach. And it also enables one of the essential communication channels to stay afloat: digital advertising.

This initiative by Adgoclick is part of a larger project that consists in making online marketing more accessible to small and medium-sized companies, allowing them to compete with the same tools as large ones. The company proposes to design these web pages at no additional cost when contracting a programmatic advertising campaign. The company pulls new technologies and the use of artificial intelligence and makes it possible for campaigns to be fully managed in an automated way: it generates the ads, activates the campaign, contributes visibility in the advertising spaces and reports the results, all automatically.

In addition to being more ubiquitous, digital advertising – which is not viable if you do not have a website – has a major advantage over the traditional one: it is customizable. Data collection makes it possible to adapt the ads to the target audience, so you can be sure that the people who are seeing you are really interested in the product. This also makes it measurable and allows knowing in which spaces and with which public it is working better. This means that small business owners can continue to have access to new customers who need them.

One of its strengths is that you do not need previous knowledge of digital marketing. This is important because small companies do not usually have experts or specialized personnel to take care of these areas. "SMEs need to devote their time to the development of their professional activity, not to study complex marketing terms or decipher illegible metrics," explains Manuel Suárez, marketing director of Adgoclick. "Our experience in developing advertising solutions for companies has taught us that customers need simple and comprehensive tools."

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