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The topic of medicines

Basic table: similar and equivalent.

Recently the President of the Republic approved to buy medicines in any place of the world that produced them, in order to get rid of the laboratories that, according to him, generated corruption, when acquiring them and distributing them in the health systems of the nation.

This issue, like many others, does not reach the formation of the President, and as he ignores his advisors, generates errors, misunderstandings and unintentionally harms, instead of doing good.

The issue of medicines is very serious and requires large investments, very important research and how the pharmaceutical industry is a very solid industry and a hope, because thanks to it we have increased life expectancy, now the elderly live longer, children die less and women are not infected in childbirth.

More than 40 years ago, I commented with the architect Benavides that we had to have a basic picture to avoid the repetition of the formulas, because studies we did at that time indicated that with 100 patent medicines 90% of the diseases could be cured ; but in various clinical procedures more than 40 thousand were used, with similar formulas.

It is also important to know that the similar ones, in order to really prove to have properties similar to the original patents, require going to bioequivalence laboratories, which are very few in the country and that are under Cofepris supervision. For this reason, buying medicines in China or India, without submitting them to bioequivalence laboratories, is a high risk that they will not work just like the original patents and will not cure diseases, especially in the marginal areas of the country, which are to which the President gives, with justice, high priority.

Descartes: I think, then I exist … I hope that Dr. Alcocer, secretary of Health, who is a good doctor, will show the President that in his eagerness to combat pseudo-corruption he is risking the health of the poorest Mexicans, as the WHO. What a pity.

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