the traffic lights were green at the same time

Two children lost their lives on Tuesday morning following an accident involving a truck in the center of Antwerp. According to the Flemish daily, Het Laste Nieuws, the cause of death of the two sisters aged 9 and 1.5 is due to traffic lights. Indeed, the truck and the children got the green light at the same time. Lali and Gitti A. were crossing the street on the zebra crossing. They died instantly. “I saw the children lying on their stomachs, as if they were sleeping,” said a neighbor. Since then, the traffic lights have been adjusted.

The trucker in shock

A traffic expert must investigate the exact circumstances of the accident. What we know for now is that the traffic light was green, both for the victims and for the truck. The spokesperson for the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office, Kristof Aerts, explains: “the girls arrived in the opposite direction to the truck. It is therefore not a blind spot accident. The reason the driver did not notice the children is part of the investigation. The truck driver was in shock and was taken to hospital. He will be questioned as soon as possible ”.


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