the trail of preventive treatment


  • Peanut allergy is the second most important in France and affects around 3.5% of adults and 8% of children.
  • Treatment with AR101, a molecule derived from peanut proteins, gradually introduced reduces the risk of a serious reaction in people with allergies.
  • This treatment is not curative but preventive.

Peanuts for everyone. The results showed the effectiveness of oral immunotherapy treatment in desensitizing people with allergies through increasing dose exposure to allergens. The study was published on July 20 in the journal The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health. Peanut allergy is the second most important in France and affects around 3.5% of adults and 8% of children, according to figures from theConsidered. Figures on the rise since there are twice as many people with allergies than five years ago.

Desensitization treatment

The results of this study are those of phase 3 clinical trials, conducted by European researchers in 18 hospitals across the continent. The researchers studied the effects of the treatment on 175 young people, aged 4 to 17, all allergic to peanuts. Among them, 132 volunteers received the treatment, AR101, which is a molecule derived from peanut proteins. Over six months the researchers gradually increased the doses, until they reached 300 mg. The other volunteers were treated with a placebo.

The results showed great efficacy of the treatment. Of those who received AR101, 58% had no allergic reaction when they ate peanuts. This rate was only 2% for the placebo group. “Participating in this study has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life, said James Redman, a 12-year-old volunteer, at the British daily The Times. The nurses and doctors were knowledgeable and caring. The taste of the protein didn’t bother me, since it was mixed with chocolate flan! I hope that the study will lead to a treatment so that other allergic people can benefit from it..”

Introduce peanuts early in children, another technique

The treatment used is not intended to be used in a curative way but rather upstream, so as to desensitize people with allergies. “Treatment leads to rapid desensitization to peanut protein”, Confirmed the researchers. It helps reduce severe reactions from exposure to peanuts.

A previous study, published in July 2019 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, revealed thatearly introduction to peanuts may reduce allergic risk in children. By giving 2 grams of peanut butter three times a week to some of the children, the researchers noticed that 3.2% of them eventually developed an allergy after five years compared to 17.2% of the children who had avoided it. ‘eat it.

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