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the trick to always get to work at your time

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Google Maps It is one of the tools most used by users on a daily basis. The platform, which already has 15 years, not only has he become the place of consultation from any address, but also in one of the most popular browsers on the network. Both for those who travel by public transport, and for those who go by car. One of its main attractions is related to its ability to offer information about the time it takes to reach a specific destination and, thanks to this, avoid being late for work or to any other important commitment.

To get the most out of the platform on a daily basis, it is essential to have the application in the “smartphone” wave Tablet. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for the user to register their displacement habits and programs the application to be useful. Once you have the “app” on your device, the user must look in the tools that are collected at the bottom of the screen the section “Displacements»And click on.

There you can fill in all the necessary information so that the application knows your daily journeys. To do this, you must click on the three points that appear in the upper right corner of the screen and select the option «Common travel settings».

At this point, the “app” displays several options among which are the home address and that of work, which must be completed. Next, the platform consults other types of data, such as conveyance that the user uses to make this route (car, public transport, walking, bicycle …), as well as Schedule in which it covers.

When all this information is filled in, the “app” will start sending notifications Whenever you consider that it is time for the user to leave home to arrive at his destination on time. An aid that can be especially useful for those who travel by car and want to be informed about traffic They are going to meet along the way.

If you want to further customize the tool, Google Maps offers the option of «Get more accurate information about my usual trips». Something that allows the application to use the user’s location history in order to “improve the accuracy of the duration of your usual displacements.”


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