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The trick to prevent my «smartphone» from knowing where I am at all times




The “smartphones»Have completely transformed the user’s life. If you remember, you will remember how, about 10 years ago, your mobile device did not have WhatsApp nor possibly Internet connection. Now, with the “boom” of the Internet of Things, terminals store absolutely all of their owner’s life inside. However, if you do not want your device to know more about the account, or to have you located 24 hours a day, there are ways to get it.

It should be remembered that all «smartphones», both those with iOS and Android operating systems, they have the ability to track the location of their owner. This type of information is usually used to share it on social networks and offer more personalized information when conducting an internet search. Some applications even need to have access to the location to function properly. However, if you want to prevent your mobile from having information about your position constantly, we explain the steps you should take.


If your device is Android, you should go to “Settings”. Once there you have to “click” on the “Location” option and search for “Google location information” to disable it. From then on, the device will stop storing information about future information and the information of new locations, but the previous activity will not be erased. “Nor will the configuration of other location services on your device be changed, such as Google location services and Find my device,” they point out from the Internet Security Office (OSI).

If we want to remove any trace of our locations, we must open the Google Maps «app». From there we have to go to the Menu (located in the upper left corner) and select “Your timeline”. After this, click on “More” in the upper right corner and “Settings and privacy”.

In Location Settings you will find the options for “Delete all location history”, “Delete a period from location history” or “Delete location history automatically”.

On iOS

In the case of iPhoneIf we want to prevent applications from accessing our location, we must go to “Settings” and select “Privacy”. There we will find the “Location” option; If we deactivate it, it will not be accessible to any of the applications installed on the «smartphone». If we only want to limit access to a specific one, we can choose between «Never», «Ask next time» and «When using the” app “».

If you want to delete all your location history, you must go to «Settings»> «Privacy»> «Location»> «System services»> «Important places». In “Important places” you will find the option “Clear history”, it will delete all your locations stored in the mobile.


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