The triumph of “Kretinga” in the RKL finale quartet full of dramas

Kretinga is the new champion of the Regional Basketball League (TOPsport-RKL). Pupils of Arimantas Mikaločius in the grand final on Sunday 82:78 (21:24, 20:12, 15:28, 26:14) broke Vilnius “Rivilė” from the right to play in the National Basketball League (NKL) next season.

The match for the title and the ticket to the second Lithuanian league in terms of capacity was marked by the American roller coaster and the spurs of both teams.

After the first 10 minutes, Rivile, trained by Mindaugas Noreika, took the lead with 3 points, and after playing 2 halves, Kretinga had a 5-point advantage.

After the big break, Vilnius, who usually improve the game, remained true to themselves – in the third quarter, the basketball players of the capital, led by Karolis Brusokas, won 28:15 and gained an 8-point advantage before the decisive quarter.

Less than 4 minutes left, Rivile led 71:68, but then Domininkas Matutis took the initiative. The Kretinga player reduced the difference to a minimum at the end of the attack time, and soon scored two very significant three-pointers. 2 minutes ago, Kretinga was already leading 78:73 and forced M. Noreika to ask for a minute break.

An interesting episode happened right after her. Accelerated K. Brusokas threw the ball into the basket with a powerful pass, but the net “spit” the ball back. The referees decided not to count the points and the ball went to Kretinga.

For the rest of the time, Rivile still managed to reduce the difference to 3 points, but then there were only 4 seconds left until the end of the duel. D. Matutis secured the title of “TOPsport-RKL” “Kretinga” with an accurate free throw.

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The 178 cm tall Kretinga, who became the most useful player in the final, scored 22 points, hit 5 three-point points out of 10, made 5 assists and scored 25 utility points.

“We climbed all season and finally climbed. Kretinga waited for many years and suffered a lot. I just threw. I am a captain and I had to take the initiative. We just couldn’t lose this weekend. Today we need to relax and celebrate, and next year we will have a step forward, ”said MVP D. Matutis.

“Emotions are fantastic. 10 years ago, when I started working, I really wouldn’t have thought we could be in the final four at all. Now we are in it and we win it. I thank the men wholeheartedly, of course, all the fans who came and supported us. They started us up because it was really a difficult moment when we had -11. Of course, in the end everything was determined by success and Domo’s three-pointers. Clearly, he could hit such three-pointers and they finally fell. Tomorrow we will sit down and talk about next season. We really want to make our debut at NKL – that was the goal, ”said A. Mikaločius, the coach of Kretinga.

Vytautas Šarakauskas, 39, also added RKL trophy to his collection. The “center” with the highest level of experience wore a Kretinga T-shirt in the final match for 31.22 minutes. scored 12 points, rebounded 8 balls and scored 15 utility points.

K. Brusokas, who scored 48 utility points (11/15 diat., 20 rebounds), was among the ranks of the Vilnius club.

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Rivilei did not fall fatally in this match from far away (2/15, 13%), but she certainly won the fight for the balls (48:26). At that time, Kretinga hit 10 long throws out of 24 (42 percent).

By the way, Kretinga has never jumped the quarter-final barrier in its TOPsport-RKL championship during its 11-year history.

Bronze medals were won by Tauragė. In the small final Šarūnas Zablockis students overcame Akmenė district 92:87 (25:21, 23:13, 19:22, 25:31). Patriots-Cement team.

In the last seconds, Tauragė acknowledged the advantage of “Rivilė” in the last seconds 68:72, and “Patriots-Cementas” lost to “Kretinga” after the extension 75:73.

All matches in the TOPsport-RKL final four ended with a difference of 2-5 points.

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