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“The Triumph” of solidarity: Marcos Rojo and a popular pot in the neighborhood that saw him born

Sunday of leaden sky and autumn breeze in the El Triunfo neighborhood, about 20 minutes from the urban center of La Plata. Its streets, some paved, several dirt, almost all with potholes, are still pasture for the children of the neighborhood. Even today, in full preventive, social and compulsory isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, they can be seen running around a ball and it does not cost anything to travel to the past to think that it was on those same streets that the maximum idol of the neighborhood, Marcos Rojo. The Student Advocate who always returns where he grew up: to visit his parents, cousins, neighbors or, as yesterday, to set himself up as the visible face of a popular pot that nurtured dozens of families.

“Here are my lifelong friends, my neighbors, a whole band that wanted to help by cooking for a lot of people who live from day to day, from la changa and who ran out of income due to quarantine,” Rojo tells EL. DIA – Student suit, shorts – while the night falls at 522 and 134, in the patio of the house of his cousins, Rocío and Leo. It is they who throughout the day have cooked and distributed the great stew: 10 kilos of rice, 15 of chicken, as many vegetables as sweet potatoes and potatoes, various spices, ingredients donated by Rojo, neighbors and merchants.

“It takes hours to do it with love and make it rich,” says Leo, who is wearing a chinstrap and latex gloves. Stir a ladle into a 100-liter steaming pot.

Near him, Rocío cuts slices of bread on a table. Neighbors help her. Together they deliver the food that Leo serves to the people who arrive. “About 30 or 40 people passed,” Rocío smiles.

“You have to multiply that by four or five. Because the tuppers are brought here for the whole family, we ask them how many there are and with that they eat. We estimate that with this we feed about 200 people ”, adds Ezequiel, a resident of El Triunfo, whom Rojo stands out as the driving force behind the action. “We understand that we are in quarantine, and that is why we did this inside a house, we avoided doing it outdoors to avoid crowding,” continues Ezequiel and, visibly sensitized, adds: “We have to be isolated, yes, but how do you explain to him This to the people, to the stomach of the little boy who cannot eat because his dad doesn’t have a mango because he can’t work? ”

The neighbor speaks and from the street a boy who must not exceed 10 comes to the patio, runs, approaches Rocío: “Do they have milk?”

“Not today, maybe in the week,” she replies, and the boy walks away with the same rush that he entered.

“This is the reality of our neighborhood. Earlier today, a man came to ask for yerba ”, Ezequiel completes; He explains: “As we published that we made this pot on the neighborhood Facebook (El Triunfo mi lugar), many come to see if they can get merchandise. And if we have, we give them, ”he says of this solidarity action, which is so worthwhile in times when the income of thousands decreases and getting our daily bread becomes very difficult.

“There is no club here, no rivalry, nothing, just solidarity,” summarizes Leo, who wears Gymnastics shirt. Marcos laughs complicitly: “This is for the people of the neighborhood,” he repeats, willing to try the stew, and he wins the applause of his own. Moved, he anticipates that Students already organizes a similar activity, with food distribution in the neighborhoods.

For now, in 522 and 134 they think of the next popular pot (to donate merchandise you can call 2213504514). The date, likely, is Friday. In El Triunfo, where solidarity won yesterday.


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