The Turkish Prosecutor's Office orders the arrest of 211 soldiers by coup


The Turkish Police initiated on Tuesday, at the request of the Prosecutor's Office, two operations to detain 211 soldiers for their alleged involvement in the failed coup of July 2016, reports the newspaper Hürriyet.

Prosecutors in the provinces of Istanbul and Izmir accuse them of having links with the brotherhood of the Islamist cleric Fethullah Gülen, whom the Turkish government blames for the coup.

The majority of the defendants are active military in the Army. Among the suspects are a colonel, two lieutenants colonel, five commanders, seven captains and one hundred lieutenants.

The brotherhood "gülenista" was placing for decades, with the complicity of the Government, its followers in high positions in the public administration, the Police, the Judiciary and the Armed Forces of Turkey.

Since the summer of 2016, Ankara has blamed the failed coup on the Gülen network, which it considers a terrorist organization. A week ago, another 137 soldiers were detained for Gülenist links.


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