The two friends who fall into the waterfall to take a selfie

Two girls, best friends, Brunette Velasquez, 18 years old, e Monique Medeiros, 19, lost their lives while trying to take a selfie at the top of the Salto Caveiras waterfall in Lages, in Brazil. According to the first reconstruction of the media local, one lost her balance and the other slipped in an attempt to save her.

The tragedy occurred last Sunday: shortly after publishing on social the last photo together, the two girls died after a flight of about 30 meters into the void. Bruna was pronounced dead on the spot before rescuers arrived, while Monique lost her battle for life after arriving at the hospital. The doctors could not do anything to save her, the head injury sustained following the fall was too severe.

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The last farewell to the two young women was held in a church in Lages, their hometown, amid the tears and desperation of relatives and friends. Dmitri Rue, owner of a fast food restaurant where Monique worked while studying to be a nurse, told the Brazilian media: ” She started out as a cashier before working with me in running the place. When I got sick, she helped me and basically ran the business herself. ” Rescuers said the area where the two girls had ventured was off limits to visitors.


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