Friday, 14 Dec 2018

The type of sugar that can heal wounds

Sugar grains have the ability to absorb moisture and prevent the development of bacteria

After the figures of obesity , overweight and diabetes it’s hard to think of the benefits of sugar.

However, an initial pilot study that demonstrated the sugar benefits to heal wounds.

The study was awarded by Journal of Wound Care , last March, 2018.

In fact, among some of his warnings, the World Health Organization (WHO) , warns that a consumption greater than 10% of free sugars within the daily intake of calories can predispose to dental caries, overweight Y obesity .

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Benefits of sugar to heal wounds

The winner, Moses Marandu , nurse and lecturer in the University of Wolverhampton , found that sugar can be one of the most successful procedures for healing wounds.

In this regard, after disclosing the results of their study, it is already foreseen that the sugar can substitute antibiotic medicines to prevent wound infections, because even some of these medications often fail.

Marandu explains that for heal a wound with sugar just add a quantity of it in the wound.

Then we proceed to place a bandage.

sugar benefits

How does it work? The grains of sugar have the ability to absorb moisture and prevent the development of bacteria By controlling this risk, wounds heal faster.

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The objective of the nurse is also to promote the use of sugar as the alternative to antibiotics

However, much of their research is also funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

What kind of sugar? Its about sugar common, the so-called white sugar that serves to sweeten beverages.

Tests were also done with the “brown” sugar, however, this did not show effectiveness.

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