The UN warns: current emission targets do not serve to curb global warming


About to begin eight days of mobilizations and strikes by the climate and the UN Climate Action Summit, the agency has released a new report in which it warns that the emission cut targets that countries have raised so far will not work to prevent the planet from exceeding 2ºC of global warming, the barrier from which the worst effects of climate change are shown.

Through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the UN has released the report "The Heat Is On", which reveals that with the current plans, emissions will be 10.7 percent higher in 2030 compared to 2016 data. A figure that implies that the planet will reach 3 degrees of global warming, far from the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The report, moreover, is a jerk of ears for many developed countries just before the climate summit begins in New York. The analysis details that 14 countries that alone represent 26% of emissions do not intend to review their current plans to fight global warming by 2020.

There are 112 other countries with the intention of improving their plans for 2020. The problem is that, together, they represent only 53% of global greenhouse gas emissions, including many developing nations. Keep in mind that only China, the United States, the European Union and India account for just over half of the world's total emissions.

 «2020 is emerging as a critical year to boost the support of the whole society for a bolder climate action, so that greater ambition is achieved as quickly as possible. In order to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, it is necessary to make decisions and promulgate them in the next two years, ”says the report. . (tagsToTranslate) emissions (t) 2030


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