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The Union needs to invest EUR 500 billion in next-generation nuclear power plants

The European Union will have to invest € 500 billion in next-generation nuclear power plants by 2050. This was stated by the European Commissioner for the Internal Market for the Journal du Dimanche in an interview published this weekend.

“Existing nuclear power plants will need € 50 billion in investment by 2030. And next-generation power plants will need € 500 billion.” Breton declared.

The commissioner also argued that the EU’s plan to label nuclear and gas investments green after meeting certain conditions was an important step towards attracting this capital.

The Union consults its Member States on its proposal, some of which indicate that these energy sources do not meet the conditions for sustainability.

However, France is pushing for nuclear energy, its main source of energy, to be considered an environmentally friendly source of electricity under certain conditions, despite strong opposition from Austria and Germany’s skepticism, which is in the process of closing all its nuclear power plants.

The European Commission ‘s proposal states that “natural gas and nuclear energy play a role as a means of facilitating the transition to a predominantly renewable future”.

The bloc currently receives 26 percent of its nuclear power, but Breton estimates that by 2050 it should be reduced to about 15 percent.

According to the European Commission’s proposal, appropriate measures for radioactive waste management should be put in place in the case of nuclear energy.

It calls for the construction of new nuclear power plants to be conditional on permits issued by 2045, and work to extend the operation of existing power plants should be approved by 2040.


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