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The United States and Russia Insist on Each Other, The Gate of Direct Confrontation Is Now Wide Open

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden shake hands at Villa la Grange in Geneva, Switzerland in Geneva, Switzerland, June 16, 2021. Russia, the United States and their NATO allies meet this week for negotiations focused on Moscow’s demand for Western security guarantees and concerns West about the recent buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine. (Source: AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, Pool, File)

WASHINGTON, KOMPAS.TV – The failure of last week’s high-stakes diplomatic meeting to resolve escalating tensions in Ukraine has placed Russia, the United States and their European allies in uncharted post-Cold War territory.

As reported by the Associated Press, Sunday (16/1/2022), the situation poses significant challenges for major players in order to avoid conflict and potentially catastrophic direct confrontation.

Unlike previous disputes that have arisen since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the current Ukraine crisis and the seemingly insurmountable differences between Washington and Moscow, carry the real risk of economic war and military conflict, exacerbated by the danger of miscalculation and overreaction.

For the United States and NATO and other European allies, withdrawing 100,000 Russian troops from Ukraine’s borders is the only sign that Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to negotiate in good faith.

For Russia, the utter refusal of the West to consider a ban on NATO expansion into the former Soviet Union and the withdrawal of NATO troops from Eastern Europe is a testament to the dishonesty of the West.

The potential concessions are complicated by the fact that neither Putin nor President Joe Biden want to be seen being pushed back in front of the domestic or foreign public.

The refusal so far by each side to step down from what the other considers unrealistic demands, makes the prospects for diplomacy blurry. The United States and its allies accuse Russia of fueling tensions for no valid reason and that Russia views the United States as the aggressor.

Some believe the situation will become more dire before the deadlock can be broken.

“The perception gap is so wide that a new and dangerous escalation may be needed to get the parties to open their horizons and seek agreement,” observes Fyodor Lukyanov, head of the Moscow-based Foreign and Defense Policy Council.

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