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The United States has predicted a doubling of the number of victims of coronavirus

The University of Washington Metrics and Health Assessment Institute, often cited by the White House, is planning to revise its forecast for coronavirus deaths upward. The new figure is 135 thousand people. Thus, the forecast almost doubles the previous figure – earlier it was about 72,433 dead, CNN reports.

According to an internal document referenced by The New York Times, President Donald Trump’s administration predicts an increase in the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus. We are talking about 3 thousand dead daily by June 1. According to Johns Hopkins University, over 2,000 people have died every day in the USA over the past week.

The sharp increase in the numbers of these two forecasts is associated with weakening social distance and increased mobility in the United States. States across the country — including Florida, Colorado, Indiana, Nebraska, and South Carolina — have eased restrictions in an attempt to reload the economy and reassure citizens.

US experts are confident that they will be able to create a vaccine against coronavirus by the end of the year, Mr. Trump said earlier. The United States is in first place among countries in the number of people infected with coronavirus (more than 1.1 million people).

In the United States, 14 coronavirus vaccines are being developed under the president’s Supersonic Speed ​​program. Prior to this, the World Health Organization published a list of 83 promising vaccine developments against COVID-19. It includes nine Russian developments.


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