The United States to approach the first economy; revealing about peace Mideast at the Bahrain conference


MANAMA / JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The first phase of Donald's Donald East Trump's Middle East peace plan will be launched in Bahrain on Tuesday at a White House conference focusing on the drafting of a $ 50 billion investment to become the Palestinians. “Economy first and foremost” approach you fail.

The pavilion is hosted by operators where the Peace to Prosperity event was held outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Manama, Bahrain 24 June, 2019. REUTERS / Matt Spetalnick

The two-day international meeting, led by Trump's spouse's law, Jared Kushner, was put on the bill as the first part of a broader political blueprint for a long time to resolve Israel-Palestine's conflict, to be revealed later.

But the Israeli governments and the Palestinian governments will not attend the curtain building event in the capital of Bahraini, Manama.

There will be a scrutiny of whether attendees such as Saudi Arabia and other rich Gulf states are interested in donating donations to the US plan of bitter criticism from the Palestinians and many others in the Arab world.

Bahrain, an American colleague close to home with the US Navy's Fifth Fleet, is preparing for the week.

While the event is intended to focus on the economy, Arab Gulf states say that it will be used to solidarity with the administration of Trump to show its hard line against Iran, said Gulf's senior diplomat provided that she is anonymous.

Under the plan, donor and investor nations contributed around $ 50 billion to the region, with $ 28 billion going to Palestinian territories – West Bank of Israel and Gaza Strip – as well as $ 7.5 billion to Jordan, $ 9 billion to to Egypt and $ 6 billion for Lebanon.

179 proposed infrastructure and business projects include a $ 5 billion transport corridor to connect the West Bank and Gaza.

“I am laughed when they attack this as a‘ treat the century, ”says Kushner with Reuters, referring to the high nickname that Trump's trump plan took over in the last two years.

“This is the don opportunity for the century’ if they have the courage to pursue it. ”

Kushner, a senior trump consultant who is similar to his father-law from New York's real estate life, presents his plan in a pair of pamphlets filled with graphs and statistics that cost an investment prospectus – in fact, it is repeated “business plan”. ”He gave him.


Prospects for success are low. The Trump team acknowledges that the economic plan – “Peace to Prosperity” – will only be implemented if one of the most difficult conflicts in the world is political.

Any such solution would have to resolve long-standing issues, such as the status of Jerusalem, mutually agreed boundaries, meeting Israel's security concerns and Palestinian's security demands, and the fate of Israel's settlements and military presence in Palestine would like to build that state. .

In an interview with Al Jazeera to give air on Tuesday, Kushner offered a rare insight into the possible political contours of the plan, saying that the Arab Peace Initiative, which was a Arabian-led agreement on the essential elements for dealing with the plan, was not adhered to. Palestine since 2002.

“I think we must all recognize that there is an agreement, however, that it will not be in line with the Arab Peace Initiative. It will be somewhere between the Arab Peace Initiative and between the position of Israel, ”said Kushner with Al Jazeera.

The Arab Peace Initiative calls on a Palestinian state drawn together at borders that existed before the territory of Israel in a war in 1967 as well as capital in eastern Jerusalem and the right to return to refugees, which Israel rejected.

Hanging the network over the whole initiative is a continuing issue as to whether the Trump team intend to abandon the “dual-state solution”, which involves creating an independent Palestinian state living side by side. with Israel.

The UN and most nations restore the two-state solution and underpin all peace plans for many years.

But the Trump team – led by Kushner, Middle Eastern Trump delegate, Jason Greenblatt, and US Ambassador to Israel's David Friedman – refused to give him an ongoing commitment, keeping the political secret of the plan firmly confidential.

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, close-thrump ally, has his own domestic problems facing an election, and potential corruption charges have existed after a long-standing police investigation. He denies any wrongdoing.

“We will hear American praise, listen fairly and openness,” said Netanyahu on Sunday. While no Israeli government ministers will be present, an Israeli business delegation is expected.

Palestinian leaders have mitigated the workshop, and are refusing to engage with the White House – pointing out that there has been a pro-Israeli bias after a recent Trump set of decisions. Kushner told Reuters that the Palestinian businessman would “share” but refused to nominate them.

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, who has a limited self-rule by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank of Israel, was very scared of his success.

“Money is important. The economy is important. But politics is more important. The political solution is more important, ”he said.

Hamas has a rare agreement, the Islamist medical group that controls Gaza, with its arch-competition Abbas.

“The Palestinian people can only represent anyone else on the Palestinian cause,” said official official Hamas Mushir al-Masri.

He said that the Trump approach seeks to turn our political cause into humanitarian cause, and to bring the profession into the region. "

Kushner said that even if Israeli and Palestinian Governments were not represented, Israel's business officials and journalists with their counterparts from the Arab world would have been prominent at a time when tensions were increasing with Iran.

“People realize that Iran and their attack, and Israel and many of the other Arab states are much more common today than they did before,” he said.

FILE FILE: A footbridge runs from the Western Wall to the Muslim known compound as Noble Sanctuary and as Jews as Mount Temple, in the Old City of Jerusalem 2 June, 2015. REUTERS / Ammar Awad / File File

David Makovsky, an Middle East expert in Washington, agreed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the main focus of the event, “Iran is now higher on the chain of interest.” T

But Makovsky, who had been invited by the White House as an observer, said that the Trump / Kushner plan succeeded or failed on how he tackled the major underlying issues, rather than the money. “No one believes that you can solve this thing economically without tackling the political issues.”

Reporting by Matt Spetalnick and Stephen Farrell; Additional reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza and Rami Ayyub in Ramallah; Writing by Stephen Farrell; Edited by Peter Cooney

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